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–Have any of these screaming, ranting, acting like lunatics people actually read the 1000+ pages of the Health Care Reform bill?  I just want to know if they’ve actually sat down and read the entire thing.  I haven’t.  I don’t plan to.  I probably should.  Just this morning I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh at the TV as a random citizen screamed in Arlen Specter’s face that one day he would “face God” and that “God would judge him” for “this”.  Really?!  No offense, but I’m thinking that “God” could give two farts to the wind about health care reform.

–I was a little put out last night.  I caught the last 30 minutes of the season finale of “Kendra”.  She was my favorite “Girl Next Door“.  She recently moved out of “The Mansion”, got married, and is expecting a baby sometime around Christmas.  I was put out when she was asked about a nanny for her child.  Both she and her hubby were all gung ho over getting a nanny.  She said that she was given the advice that she would require one.  That she would be so very tired for the first few weeks after giving birth that a nanny was the only thing she could do.  She must have one.  …..  ….. …..  I’m sorry.  This is the biggest load of crap.  I wish someone hadn’t told them this was the best thing, but of course I don’t know them so…  Thousands of women give birth everyday and take their children home and guess what?  THEY TAKE CARE OF THEM BY THEMSELVES.  I know it’s apparently a far fetched idea to some, that a mother would actually have the responsibility of taking care of her own child, but everyone I know with kids has done it.  We’ve had no trouble.  Sure, we were tired.  We just wanted that baby to, please for the love of all things holy, just sleep through a night.  We wanted that random smell to go away.  But you know what…. that’s what happens when you have a baby.  You have to sacrifice a little sleep, a little rest, a lot of time.  If you need help, call your family or friends.  Now I do understand that she is moving a very long way from her family, but there is no reason that for the first few weeks there can’t be someone hanging around to give a helping hand.  I hate celebrity types who get “nannies”.  It’s about as bad as scheduling your C-section.  I understand doing that if it is medically necessary, but C-sections are supposed to be for emergencies only, not just for your convenience or because you are scared to give birth the normal way.

–Why is the price of gas going up?  Again…

–I think that school starting back the end of July or the first week of August is all kinds of wrong.  August is normally the hottest month of the year in these parts.  (Ha!  I said “in these parts”.)  Why put all those students on those extremely hot buses?  Why sug’, why?  Why do they have a Fall Break now?  We didn’t have a break in the Fall.  We started school the middle to end of August, had Thanksgiving break, had a Christmas break (not a “Winter” break), had Spring Break, then got out of school the middle to end of May.  Now they start too early, get too much time out, and go too long.  Why sug’, why?

–Did Rick Pitino actually do that?  He’s like a god in Kentucky.  What will people think of him now?  I kind of think he’s a little like the creepy, dirty Uncle you don’t want your kids around.


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  1. That's alot of information to process…Okay, first- nope, haven't read the bill, assume it will still be helping Big Pharma and the ones on Capitol Hill.Second- Don't know this girl. Think that it is the 'norm' for Hollywood mamas, and hopefully she will still be hands on and bond with her baby. Thirdly- gas is going up again because it can. Because we have to just take it. Lastly, Seriously? I had no idea. Great big ole' WHOOPS from him, I'm sure. And, you're right, it's his eyes. He is kinda scary.Love the green the pink the black and the gray! Makes me all happy on the inside…

  2. 1. Haven't read it, deeply disturbed by public's behavior at these town meetings and debates.2. Don't care about this girl, but I know that you do, so I hope she does the right thing.3. Yep, there it goes again, and just wait till Labor Day, we won't be able to afford to do anything but stay at home and labor some more.4. Back off my Pitino–I don't care who he sleeps with, as long as it doesn't affect his coaching.

  3. I haven't read the bill and really don't plan to, but the behavior of some at these town hall meetings is crazy. I think it's the norm these days for celebs to have a Nanny. I think it's crazy that they don't bond with their own child and take care of it.Gas is crazy high and I'm sure it will keep going up!!I agree that kids don't need a fall break..I mean we made it just fine with our Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and spring break!!! They should change the schedule back!!

  4. Loving the new background ~ that is so my colour! and you are really rockin it today. From over here, I'm wondering what all the fuss is over there about the Healthcare Reform issue, or whatever it is. I keep coming across people talking about it in Blogland, and some guy mailed me this week to ask if I want to write a contribution to his blog about my perspective on free healthcare in the UK (you might want to check him out, he is called Bill Campbell ~ http://bootynovelbill.blogspot.com/….. but seriously, explain to me?? what's all the fuss? Wouldn't free healthcare take away some of the powers of Big Pharma? I don't know. Anyway, I'll let you know when I've written my bit. And going back to school in August does sound nuts to me. Our kids go back in early September. Always have done. Colleges and Unis start late September or early October. They get a week off at end of October, then go straight through until Christmas. Mind you, the school year doesn't finish until near the end of July. I think your kids have way more holiday time. Good for kids; tough for parents, but that's what we signed up for, right? Which brings me back to the whole nanny debate. Sheez. I know it's tough, and not all of us are really natural, instinctive mothers … but surely you've got to have a go at it, at least, before you call in the nanny. And most of us don't have that option anyway … And and most of us had kids because we wanted to do that job, not pay someone else to do it. Another example of how nuts they are in La-La Land. Sorry for the ramble. Much love and hugs. xx

  5. Samantha – Honestly, I really know nothing about this new Health Care bill. What I do know is that there are lots of Americans without good health care because they can not afford it. My family is blessed because my husband has a good job with good insurance, however, we've never had any major illnesses. Just regular checkups and run of the mill colds. I know a major flaw in many insurance companies is not covering individuals with a "preexisting condition". Which basically means that if you've had a heart attack and are at risk and you change insurance companies, that insurance company won't cover you on heart related illnesses, say if you have another heart attack. A lot of times the insurance companies will refuse to cover you at all or force you to pay a higher premium. Most of the time I wonder what century this country is living in.

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