I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

I’ve found a new blog, Bourbon Mama, that I love to read.  She’s funny, a Kentuckian, and she likes bourbon.  Trifecta!  She recently had her 100th (+1) post.  To celebrate she listed 101 “facts” about herself.  I loved this idea.  It was a great way to acknowledge her milestone in the blogosphere.  I am way beyond my 100th post, but I thought this would make a great opportunity to tell a few “facts” about myself..  I don’t think I’m going to list all 100 at once.  I’ve got to keep you reading so I’ll space them out randomly ’cause guess what….that’s one of those facts about me.  Most of these you probably have already gathered from just reading through a few of my posts or my profile.  Let us begin…

1.  I was terrified to turn 30.
2.  I long to travel the world. 
3.  I used to smoke cigarettes.
4.  If I could get away with wearing flip flops all year, I would do so.
5.  I love Kentucky.
6.  But I don’t bleed blue.

7.  At least once a week, I browse the house listings in random places on Realtor.com.

8.  I could live the rest of my life without ever using another cell phone.
9.  Cell phones are one of the reasons that people are not respectful anymore.
10. I’m addicted to Final Fantasy video games.

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  1. HA! I knew all those things about you!GO LOUISVILLE CARDINALS!!!

  2. HA! Thanks Christine! I love flip-flops, too, but not as much as bare feet.If you wanna know how annoying KY Basketball really is, live in Lexington from Nov-March, seriously, I wanna pull my hair out!And, I have never owned a cell phone, and hope I never have to, although, there have been times when I wished I had one, like when I forget the grocery list and I can't remember if we need OJ or not.

  3. Bourbon Mama – I do have a cell phone, but I try not to use it unless, like you said, I've forgotten something or my hubby calls me on his lunch break. What really annoys me is all the texting…

  4. I cannot deal with all the cell phone dumbery going on! People are always click click clicking those little buttons, and talking like they aren't surrounded by other people that don't care one bit about what they are saying!!ARGH!!By the way: GO DAWGS!!!

  5. Ya know, I was named after Kyle Macy who played for the Wildcats the year I was born. Why my parents didn't name me Megan Macy instead of Megan Kyle, who knows! Although I have come to love my name! I have lived the last 2 years without a cell phone.. BUT when I get back, a cell will be my "house phone" lol I drive to much to Ky and back to be without one! =)Well you already know how I feel about flip flops! We have had this conversation before. I am always on Realtor.com looking for housing in Logan Co. I know I'm glutting for punishment! (Is that how y ou spell glutting?" =)

  6. Megan – I think it's "a glutton for punishment", but since you are from the LC I'll forgive you… LOL!

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