I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin


I’m not entirely sold on this choice of backgrounds. Thanks to those who left comments leaving their opinions. In fact, I don’t really like the purple flowers at all. I don’t think that it speaks to me or about me, but it’ll do for now. Until I can find one that is more appropriate. So be on the lookout for it to change again soon…

Today is a day that I have run out of blogging material. I long to be a blogger like Cam or cjane, but I just can’t find the words as they can. Some days there just isn’t anything to say. I think my main problem is that I’m a pessimist. I’m not nearly as happy as some of these bloggers are. I just can’t always be looking on the bright side. Most of the time, my irritation or anger gets the best of me. *See various previous posts… Like right now I see someone’s dog trotting down the road. I immediately assume that their dog will be taking a crap in my yard. This irritates me because 1) I like to walk around in my yard barefoot, 2) I know it’s not MY dogs’ crap because 3) we have our dog tethered to a chain. Why chain you ask? Because of the breed of dog he is. If we were to allow our dog to roam the free country as EVERYONE ELSE DOES, someone would shoot our dog. It’s just the way of the people of the country. If he were a poodle, no one would notice him.

One thing that does both me though is visitors who do not comment. I have many visitors to the blog everyday, but only one or two people will leave comments. I always try to make a point to leave a comment when I visit or read someones personal blog. I don’t always do it, but I make the effort to at least say something here or there. I’m going to make a conscious effort to start leaving more comments than I normally do. I mean, we all blog to be heard. If we didn’t want others opinions we would just write in our journals at home, right? I do use Google Reader, but I will also visit blogs directly just to leave a few words.

And while I’m showing some irritation…

I was reading a blog post the other day from Organic Meatbag (he’s hilarious!) and I found myself saying things like, “Yeah!” and **“I know!!”. So I’m going to continue with my own ranting here. Why do a million people friend you on Facebook, then never speak a word to you? He wrote that he had just cleaned out the “friends” on his Facebook. I’ve been thinking about doing this to my own “friends” ever since. I don’t understand why after 12 years you want to be my “friend” when you didn’t speak two words to me in high school and even less than that since then. I am guilty myself of sending a few tactical shotguns via Mafia Wars and pigs through FarmTown, but I only send them to those who are already playing those games. After reading his post, I did realize how annoying those, “I’ve reached this level before you” posts are and so I’m making the executive decision to stop doing that. So I will apologize in advance if you do not make the Facebook cut. Those who follow the blog via the Networked Blogs app will, of course, remain on “the list”. You took the time to clicky the little button so I’ll keep you, but would it hurt to say a little sumin’ sumin’ every now and again? Maybe leave a COMMENT or two? I’m just saying….

**I’ve found myself saying this “I know!” phrase more and more frequently. I blame Craig Ferguson.


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  1. Hey, I understand where you're coming from. I hate seeing that I got 45 hits and zero comments. But then I realize that I do the same thing at times. Just reading someone's post and then feeling like I have nothing to say. And, I also agree that google readers make it easier to follow all the blogs you want, while also making it easier to not comment. And, yes, Organic Meatbag is high-larious!

  2. Sometimes I leave a comment, and when I re-visit, I notice the comment isn't on there. I don't know what's up with that, but I keep trying.

  3. ok….so I don't comment on here as much as I could…but…lol….I usually tell you to your face what my comments are…..I am proud of you and please keep this going because on many days this is how I find out whats on your mind….I love it!

  4. I'm sure I don't comment u as much as u comment me- especially here lately since my writing muse took a lengthy vacation- but hopefully he/she is back…. promising to be a better help to me. Love you.

  5. Bourbon Mama – I agree that sometimes I don't have anything to say too! And that Google Reader is somewhat of a pain on the comment front. Getting 45 hits and 0 comments is exactly what I'm talking about! And thank you for commenting!!Queen – I always see your comments…at least I think I'm seeing them…. πŸ™‚Mom – You should start your own blog.Rubilious – I do miss your writing. We must hunt down that muse and hog tie her.

  6. Sorry I don't always comment..well very rarely comment..I usually don't know what to say..but I will do better a commenting on your blog and the others that I read..And yes Rubi we miss your writing..you must come back!!

  7. A Comment.AHAHAHAHAHA!!!What purple flowers? All I see is brown and lines. Why must my monitor be so itty bitty?Oh well, at least it isn't the television set I used to have burdening the desk! haha!You know I will never run out of things to say to you on here. Like, I also enjoy Craig Fergusen.Like, yesterday, the neighbors dog walked all the way across her yard to ours and dumped, and I was looking out the window watching that tiny little white poofball going number two in my grass, and I thought, "Well! The NERVE of some little white poofballs!!", and then I realized that she must feel the same way about Bella. Whoops….And, some commenters, I am okay with not hearing from, remember 'Mr. Poopy'?

  8. Why thank you for the shout-out, Christine! It does feel good to clean house…in fact, I may be up for even a bit more purging myself…hehehe… I just can't deal with dead weight Facebook friends,.,,hahaha!

  9. Savannah's Mom – It's ok that you don't always comment… I'm watching you though… πŸ˜‰Mr. Meatbag – You are welcome! I love your blog and promise to comment it more often. You crack me up!Cameroonie – I'm glad you can't see the purple flowers. You would laugh at me if you could. I am right now as we speak, well maybe not because I'm typing this comment… anyway, I'm right now on my way to finding a new layout. I do remember "Mr. Poopy"… classic name right there…

  10. I hear you about the dog situation we had a few big dogs and they mystersiously got poisoned or something of another so we have a small dog now and dont have them problems he is always on the run when he is let out to go to the potty. No complaints yet… the only thing I dont like is when the neighbors dump there slop out at the back of the field and my dog goes and gourges himself on it and gets sick, but oh well I could stop that but its to much to drag a chain out and hook him to it everytime he needs to go out. Also I am sorry that I dont comment your blog often sometimes Im not sure what to say. I will try to do it more often.

  11. I always feel like a stalker when I read your page and don't leave a comment.. so today I don't feel like one! =)

  12. Megan – Of all the people I see reading my blog, your location is unmistakable! I mean, really, how many people on Guam could possibly be reading my blog! LOL! πŸ˜‰ But I love that you've commented!

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