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So it’s a new week?

It is Monday yet again.  How do these weekends go so fast?  I have a horrible headache.  I can’t find my ibuprofen.  I know it’s from lack of caffine today.  I’m in the throws of an attempt to stop drinking sodas.  I am sure this is a futile attempt at best, but I’ve got to do something.  I’m practically wearing an innertube at all times.  I know it’s from lack of exercise as well as the sodas, but first things first.  I don’t want to push myself to hard here.  Out with the 160 calorie a can sodas.  They aren’t any good for me to begin with.  Don’t try to fool me into believing that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper either because I know that’s not true.  It tastes like Diet Dr. Pepper.  So that’s that.

Nothing very interesting happened this weekend.  We helped my mom get some of her heavier items moved into her new apartment.  She still has alot to move, but we’ll get it all done.

We’re trying to get everything together to have a potluck/cookout on Saturday for Kaia’s 8th birthday.  Is it wrong of me to say, “Hey, we’re providing the burgers, hotdogs, and drinks.  Can you bring a dish or chips or dips or veggies?” Be honest here.  We’re just ballin’ on a budget around here, like most people these days, and we want everyone to have a good time and no one to be hungry.  Every year we’ve ever had a party for the kids, I freak out and get all stressed out.  I never enjoy myself.  I’m too busy running here or there.  I’m determined that I will enjoy myself this year!  I mean… my baby is turning 8 years old!  It’s bad enough that in just a couple of months my son will turn 10.  I’m just trying to get through this birthday.  Eight years… wow!  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  So many things have changed in those few, short years…  Ohhh… I’ve got to stop now or I’ll have myself crying.

Just have a good Monday everybody!


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  1. I know… they grow sooo fast! I know Kaia will have cool birthday potluck! Just stopped by to say hi.. love the cherry wallpaper!! BTW, I wouldn't think twice about bringing some chips, veggies and dip, and my famous tuna salad to celebrate her birth…and that's after you tell me I don't need it… I'm just saying…

  2. Thanks VChelle! Hearing you say that is very reassuring!

  3. you know darn well that every one that is coming loves you,Neil,Chris and THE BIRTHDAY GIRL, Kaia….so they will all want to help you make it a special day for her as well as everyone having fun and pigging out (as we usually do)…..some of your spinach dip would be really nice….(you know the one I'm pigging out on in photo on facebook)

  4. I dont' think it's wrong to have potluck- in fact, I think it's a great idea!! Might have to steal it for K's party next month!! (She will be at her dad's this weekend- and unless Eden and I are in Chicago {I'll explain later :)} Eden and I will be there….with bells on 🙂

  5. Party foul, Mom…I miss that spinach dip.:)Hope you all have a blast and I can't wait to see the pictures.

  6. There's nothing wrong with going potluck! Especially these days, people are loving getting back to their roots and revisiting older customs. Potluck meals used to be the way "the ladies" shared recipes before cookbooks, and enjoyed the many compliments on the dishes they brought. Celebrating the spirit of community will only enrich Kaia's big day.

  7. Rubi – You must be here! Although, everyone knows how I feel about Chicago so I wouldn't be upset if you skipped this for going there! (I'd be jealous!)Queen Bee – I think Kaia will have loads of fun and of course you guys are invited too! So bring your recipes! 🙂

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