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Island Time

Cam took the liberty of writing a post this morning while I was taking my sweet time getting dressed and ready.  We’re going to the island today!  Beachfront here we come!  Here’s what she had to say… you can also comment her blog right here.

We have been living it up since the Bewleys arrived Sunday evening. It is so good to have our best friends here. Christine and I both shed tears as soon as we were finally able to hug each other again. We’ve missed each other so much. A friendship that is such a part of who you are is a blessing!

Yesterday, we all just lounged around the house, and our small town. The kids played basketball, and the adults sat in the screened room to escape the Georgia gnats. We’ve been telling stories, and laughing until we are physically tired from it! My seester and my hubby are hearing lots of stories about the good ole days. We went downtown for awhile, and decided to run by a house that is for sale, and has been empty for awhile. The front door was locked, but the back door was open, so we let ourselves in for a tour. The house must be at least a hundred years old. All these rooms looped together, and there was a huge upstairs. If I were going to stay in this town, and had lots of money to fix it up, it would be worth it. We also checked out a very old cemetery. There are Confederate soliders, as well as Revolutionary soliders buried in it. A primitive church stands on the grounds, so we walked around inside it for awhile. It’s really just typical Cam + Christine behavior, ya know, a little fun mixed in with some trespassing. It is such a treat to have them all here with me.

Today, we are heading to the island. The kids can’t wait to play at the beach! I can’t wait to see Christine’s face as we head over that huge bridge. I will try my best to capture it in a picture! What? She would do the same, believe me! I made bunches of plans last week, and they all fell through at the last minute, so I am not attached to any sort of itinerary this week. But, we are loosely planning to chill out locally tomorrow, and do the island again on Thursday. Christine, Ash, and I will be going to Savannah on Friday. Bergen and Chris are going fishing all day Saturday. If anyone stumbles across the pause or slow button, go ahead and push it for me. I want this time together to last.

Hope you are enjoying yourselves, too! Will check back in with everyone later!

Can’t wait for you all to see the pictures! Until then…


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  1. I am sooooooooo glad both of my girls are together for a few days……hope everyone is having a great ole time remembering and sharing their past experiences together…..and uh yea a little mischief together…..no harm !….no foul!……and with the two of you it is definitely a…."true story"!

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