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Archive for July 3, 2009

Debate is Over

After many, many calculations (and me crying…) the decision is made. We are going to Georgia, but no farther. My hopes were high that we’d be able to squeeze in a trip to visit my family, but we can’t. I’m proud to say that I’m old enough now to really think things through and make the right choice. The choice between what we want and what we need is sometimes so hard to make. I’m confident that we have made the right choice though.

I miss my family, but it’s just not feasible for us to travel the nearly 1000 miles at this time. The LaBelle’s ARE NOT a consolation prize. I feel like I’ve slighted them with my debating on the blog about whether to cut short our visit to see my family in Florida. She’s my family too. We aren’t related in any way, but she’s been closer to me than any of my own siblings (through no fault of their own!) and I’ve been missing her like crazy these past few months. Granted we do talk on the phone practically every day (several times too), but it’s just not the same. I can not wait to pull into her driveway!

We were slightly concerned about our car. Let’s face it, folks… it’s seen better days. We got new tires, changed the oil & filter, got new spark plugs, but still can’t figure what is wrong with the A/C. Then an idea came to me. Chris’ mom and step-dad are camping this whole week. They won’t get back home until three days before we do. Why not ask to borrow their van? I mean the worst that could happen would be they would say no, right? So guess what? They came through in the clutch and said yes! So a special acknowledgment goes to the in-laws for making this trip ever so semi-peaceful (it has a DVD player) and ever so air conditioned! Cam has been warning me on the phone and with her Facebook status about just how scorchingly hot it is in south Georgia. I see your hot as hell and I raise you a dual climate control! Ha! But of course, upon checking with the all knowing Weather Channel (dot) com, the weather has a 40% chance or better of rain the whole stinkin’ week!!!

We are leaving out on Sunday morning. I don’t normally post on the weekends and I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance once we get down there due to all the hoopla we are going to be up to, but I will try to break in sometime and give you some peeks at what’s going on!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day everyone!