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Lazy Days

Lazy days are ahead for us. At least for the next few weeks anyway. I let this “Love Thursday” slip up on me and haven’t really thought about what to post.

I love this Thursday because school is out for the Summer.

I love this Thursday because I didn’t get out of bed until 9:30AM. For those of you that know me personally, you know this is a feat. Even on the weekends, I’m usually up by 7AM. I think we slept so late because it’s cloudy, rainy, and cool today. Normally I would complain about this, but today… not today. Everyone knows there’s nothing better than a bright, sunshiny day, but without rain there are no rainbows, right? I totally stole that from this Sprint commercial, by the way. 

I love this Thursday because I get to pop some popcorn and watch movies with my kids. 

I love this Thursday because I don’t actually have to get out of my pajamas all day long.  Judge me for it…. I dare you.


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  1. Nice…I would wear my pajamas all day too if I could…most people have no problem with a woman doing that, but as soon as a guy wears his pajamas, it's "Look at that lazy slob!"

  2. I've been in my jammies allllllllllllll week…. Love it. (except I'm ALREADY ready to ship both of my kids off to obedience school- yupp, the one for dogs…. maybe they can learn to sit!)

  3. Yes, friend…Crazy days are ahead.Sorry, what?Oh, you said Lazy…Muh bad!;)

  4. Kat has been out of school for one week today. So far, she has worked one basketball camp, and is attending another starting today and going all weekend. Yes, I said basketball. We've done more running back and forth this week than when she was in school.

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