I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

Welcome to Think About This Tuesday!!
I’ve heard it said before that I have an “old soul”.  Some times I think they are right!  I know some people believe in past lives and others don’t, but don’t you wonder sometimes?  Ever had that deja vu?  Think to yourself that maybe you lived in a different time some where in your past?  Or maybe you just feel connect to the time period of your childhood.
I think I’m a 1920’s flapper!  Or maybe I survived the 1940’s while my man was off fighting a war…  I connect with these time periods or maybe I’m just intrigued by them. 

Every decade is different. There is something that defines each of them.

“Which decade would you like to go back and experience? Why?”

Write a post telling which decade you connect with.  Place a link to that specific post in your comment (since Mr. Linky is AWOL).  Remember to visit other blogs and leave comments!!!


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  1. i will have to post on this tomorrow since you didn't let me cheat and tell me ahead of time what the topic was…I am knee deep in moving dylan out of his room for ash…But, you know my answer girl…the 60's.

  2. I was going to write a blog to your question, but it just left me with more questions. Are there limitations? Do I get to keep whatever wisdom I've gained thus far? Can I be a different age? You get the picture. Which ever decade I choose, I would just like to live it fully, including this one. Keep posing questions on your blog, though, because even if people aren't writing about them, they're thinking about them.

  3. Yes, but the point is to write a blog about those questions so others will visit your blog and comment and so on and so forth. It's a "blog party" to help increase traffic to everyones blogs. I guess maybe I should call it Think AND Blog About This…. hmmm…..*scratches head*

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