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Crazy Busy

This week has been crazy busy for me.  You see my kids, my lovely wonderful kids, are STILL in school.  Yes, I totally agree that this is encroaching on our summertime.  This travesty is due to the “Great Ice Storm of 2009”.  If you missed what I called “Pioneer Living” you can check it out here, here, and here.  Because of all the lost time at school, the state is having them continue an extra week of school.  Their last day will be June 3rd.  It was supposed to have been May 27th.  They are pretty lucky though because they missed 14 days and are only making up 5.  I heard there was a big issue with the state maybe trying to get them to make up more days, but I guess that issue was resolved.  When I was going to school (which was… quite some time ago), we didn’t start until the middle to end of August and got out the middle to end of May.  Now they start earlier and attend longer, but these kids aren’t any smarter than we were!  Even the way they are graded has changed!  But I’m getting off my topic, aren’t I?

Like I said this week has been c-r-a-z-y for me.  I’m pretty much not lazy or anything, but…

Tuesday was two baseball games.  Luckily, this week they were at different times.  I have to run from one field to the other just in time for the second game to start.  Kaia’s team this year is… well, let’s just say they try really hard.  Neil’s team is pretty good, but there was this one team… This one team that no one had beaten yet.  Their coach is a guy that no one really cares for because he is cocky and full of himself.  They are the team that we played the very first game against and they beat us pretty badly.  This is also the game where Neil got hit with by one of their pitchers. The pitcher who then laughed about it right there on the mound….  Any who…  We had to play them again.  Our boys were determined.  Our boys were on top of their game.  Our boys went out there, didn’t allow that other team to intimidate them.  Our boys won.  But not before that same pitcher had hit no less than 5 of our players with pitches!  Including hitting Neil, again.  It was rewarding, but we didn’t get home until about 10PM.  We still had to fix something to eat and get everyone in bed.

Wednesday was the 2nd grade “Field Day” at school.  Field day is a day were they take the students and allow them sort of an extended P.E.  For Kaia grade, we did sack races, soccer kicking, bean bag toss, the egg & spoon race (don’t worry they were wooden eggs!), and the 50 & 100 yard dashes (not actually that far).  Good grief, these kids are so full of energy!  They were all so excited to get out and play.  Not 15 minutes into it… KABLAM!  Lightening and thunder.  Before we could even get from the field to the gym, we were getting soaked.  Do you know how hard it is for 2 parents and 3 teachers to keep 5 classrooms of around 20 kids each calm and walking in a line?  In the rain?  It’s damn near impossible, but we managed.  I spent a lot of the time after the rain anwsering the same question, “Are you Kaia’s mom?”   After we got home, did homework, ate dinner, did our nightly routine, I realized… I was exhasted!  Then I realized… I have to do it again tomorrow!  AAHHHH!!!!!!

So Thursday’s “Field Day” was nothing like the previous day.  Thank goodness.  Thursday was the 3rd grade at the city park.  You would be amazed at the difference between 2nd and 3rd graders.  The 3rd graders got to do cool stuff.  Neil’s grade got to do basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and participating in plain ol’ playground play.  They have been studying all these sports in P.E. this year so I just had to supervise!  Wonderful!!  I watched over the volleyball.  Now it’s been years, YEARS, I tell you, since I knew anything that resembled rules about volleyball.  I just let them go at it.  I think they all did fairly well and no fighting.  It was so much easier than Wednesday.  After all that, I had to go back to the school, pick Neil up, take him back to the park for baseball practice, then go back to the school because Kaia had practice for her class play.  I made a ginormous blueberry!  Wait ’til you see the pictures from this!

Today shouldn’t be too bad though.  Kaia’s baseball team is off this week so it’s just one ball game.  No practices for baseball or the play.  Just one ball game.  I can’t wait for the weekend, but… but… Kaia’s got practice for the play Saturday morning and we have to mow the yard and Neil will probably end up having baseball practice and, and, and….

I need a VACATION!!!


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  1. You do. I can't wait until you get here. You are sooo gonna love Savannah!

  2. I know how hectic things can get when it involves kids, but don't forget to take care of yourself, too. Today is Kat's last day of school, basketball practice has already started for the fall season, and they usually start school on Kat's birthday, which of course is really bad for her. Looking forward to seeing pics of the play and the costume!

  3. Our 3rd grade field day was alot like your 2nd grade one… and they weren't wooden eggs… yeah, it was insane….

  4. You DO need a vacation … there's no way I could keep up with that schedule!Have a relaxing weekend, if you can 😉

  5. I understand about the ball games but I cant believe your school is making them go until the 3rd of June. My kids had to go an extra 31 minutes a day from April 16th – May 1st to make up for time lost from the ice storm. We was out longer than logan county was too. It makes you wonder about the school systems. My kids last day was today. The Summer begins for me and my kids have already got off to a bad start. Its funny but its a pain too!

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