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I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. For those readers not in the U.S., I hope you just had a wonderful weekend!

While reading through several blogs on Friday, via the Hooked On Houses blog party, I found a blog with a fun little quiz.  You can read Maya’s blog, Completely Coastal, here. Have you ever wondered what architectural style home fits your personality best?  The people over at HGTV’s Front Door have designed a quiz to tell you just that!  From Italian to Art Deco to Ranch, there are lots of different styles to suit.

My results??  


Greek Revival

Greek Revival homes (also called Southern Colonial) are a mixture of many influences, including Roman and Greek (the columns) and French (the high windows). You’re a mix, too. You take the best from the world and make it all work together. Though sophisticated, you’re still up for a night of dancing on a sawdust floor. You love life. You have a welcoming temperament and can always find time to chat over snacks.

I think this is pretty accurate!  I’d love to have an old pre-Civil War farmhouse with a large wrap around porch, big ol’ columns, and large windows.

What’s your architecture personality?  Go take the quiz and find out!  Make sure you come back and tell us your style!  If you write your own blog post about your results, send me an email and I’ll put a link to your post under “Stylish Bloggers”!  Let’s share the wealth!

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  1. "You're solid as a Ranch house!Simple and suburban by nature, you exude a cozy warmth that lets people know you don't mind if they leave their shoes on in the house — it's only carpet, after all! Family and friends are important to you, and you love having them stop by. While not overly fussy or vain, you care about your looks — but honestly, you're happiest in sweatpants. To you, life isn't measured in the goods you've acquired, but in time well spent."Yes, I guess that's about right too!

  2. Spanish Colonial….(imagine that, the very type of homes I grew up with in South Florida…and I do love them)"You are warm with an eye toward the romance of living. While you are the traditional and can be a little introverted, you are also enlivened with impulsive flairs of color that amuse and energize your friends and family. Spanish Colonial homes take a simple construction style and add artistic details like painted tiles, iron fixtures, and huge carved doors denoting,like you, a love of art and individuality. Your combination of down-to-earth fun and elegance puts everyone at ease."

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