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{Love Thursday}

I think the moments before a flower has fully bloomed show that flower at it’s most beautiful.

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  1. How very beautiful that is! Happy Love Thursday!

  2. Oh, I agree! There's so much potential and everything is so new! (And I love the secret pink spots inside this flower…)

  3. Peony – one of my favourites! HLT!

  4. Aren't peonies gorgeous? In case you didn't know, they will keep ants from getting inside your house! True Story! The ants get inside the blossoms instead. I swear by them. At the other place, we had a terrible ant problem. No matter what we tried, nothing worked. My mother-in-law just happened to be getting rid of her peony bush one day while we were visiting her, and we took it home and planted it. Guess what? No More Ants! And if you have fruit trees, as we do, you'll want to have plenty of flowers and such that will attract birds and butterflies to help propagate the fruit. Well, I just went on and on, didn't I? Sorry about that. Guess I just love flowers and plants and everything they do for us every day.

  5. Yes…I'll take that in a 5×7 for my kitchen please…Hello? Operator? Beautiful capture, Christine! Happy Love Thursday to you, my better half.

  6. You too?? I always thought the same thing… Because the flower is so small but when you look inside it's endless beauty! Happy Love Thursday!

  7. well i will join in to say YES this is one amazing "almost" bloom!elk

  8. I agree, this is definitely the most beautiful moment for flower!Happy Love Thursday!

  9. beautiful. peonies are my favorite. ours are still not even in bud stage here.i may be wrong, but i think you can cut some of the flowers before they open, and keep them in the freezer until you're ready to let them bloom. maybe in the middle of winter? i'm not 100% certain this is true, perhaps i dreamed it!

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