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Calling all readers!! Calling all readers!!

I need some help here. We’re going to call this Operation Livingroom.  My livingroom is laid out in the most wonky, unusable way.  Before I get to that though…

This is my fireplace. It is a working fireplace, however, it hasn’t been used in many, many years and we don’t plan on using it anytime soon. If you notice just to the right of the fireplace is a doorway that goes to the dining room.

Those three little letters on the mantle are sort of a project I’ve been sort of working on, but sort of haven’t ever finished. I plan on getting several different textures, sizes, makes, and models of the letter B to go above the mantle on the wall. Eventually…

I despise the two lights. Problem is they are the only light source in the entire room. We do have one additional lamp, but it doesn’t give enough light all by itself.

Our problem is that I have no idea where to place the furniture in and around this room! Right now, everything is just put in a “usable” spot.

Check out these photos for a better view…. click to make them larger.


The piano isn’t ours, but is likely going to stay at our place for a little while longer.  It weighs… I swear…at least a billion pounds.  It was made in, I believe, 1817 or 1917.  Either way it was back when they made stuff with REAL wood. It’s heavy is my point….

So I need help, help, help!

What are some suggestions you all have for making this a better looking usable space?

Tomorrow is Earth Day so I will be ditching the internet for the whole day.  I’ve already scheduled a post for Wednesday.  Remember the Earth everyday!!  See you all on Thursday!


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  1. You need our living space design guru; Cam. I, too, have an antique piano, and once you put it somewhere, it pretty much stays there. Good luck.

  2. I am available in July…Call my people.Cam

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