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Happy Friday everyone! It’s a brand new day and it’s time for Hooked on Houses’ Hooked on Friday’s!! Normally, I’m not “hooked” on anything that relates to houses, but this week… this week it’s the claw foot tub.

NOT the actual tub from my childhood!

When I was growing up we had a claw foot tub. I spent many, many days and nights lounging in that tub. In my opinion there is no other tub in the world that can compare. Not even those fancy shmancy whirlpool types.

Our current bath has ye olde school porcelain rectangle tub. It’s uncomfortable. It makes your neck bend at awkward angles whilst trying to relax. Even those genius little pillows don’t help much. The water never is hot enough or deep enough. I can remember sinking all the way down to my nose in the old claw foot we had. Ahh… I miss those days.

The bath tub spot in the bath now is absolutely perfect for a claw foot tub. I just need to convince my husband of that fact AND convince him to spend that ginormous amount of money on one too!

See what I mean?

So what are you Hooked On???


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  1. i love clawfoot tubs too! we had one growing up (for a while), but we also have the regular, boring tub now. if the clawfoots just weren't so expensive!

  2. Oh I LOVE them too! We had one in college…we used to sit in it with our legs over the side (clothed…no water) as we drank wine.YES yours is the perfect spot for one!

  3. You have got to come over and see our bathroom! You know how the whole house is in the early '50's style, right? Well, the tile on the bathroom floor is yellow w/ smaller black tiles set on the diagonal to form a diamond pattern. And the the tub surround is yellow tile as well. Then they painted all the wood trim black. Yeah, we got some work to do on this one!When I lived at the log cabin, we had a huge clawfoot bathtub, and man, was that thing comfortable! I love 'em!

  4. Jebus…that IS the perfect spot for your dream tub.SAM. SIC. Figure it out. I know you can. PM

  5. Oooo clawfoots are one of my favorite things, ever. I, too, am pining away for my old one here in my new house with a traditional and very uncomfortable and lackluster tub. I hope you convince your husband :)Have a wonderful weekend,xo Isa

  6. Love them! My parents have two…one is in an old fashioned bathroom with a pull chain toilet and one is PLANTED IN THE GROUND! Crazy, but it makes a gorgeous planter!!!

  7. *Springtree* – I could not believe how expensive they are when I saw one at the local Lowe's! I guess it's true you have to pay more for comfort!*Linda* – That sounds like the perfect place to have a glass of wine! At least you don't have to worry about falling out!*Queen* – I know! Remember I saw your bathroom (and took photos) before you even moved in?!P.S. I love the floor! I hate the yellow tile in the bath!*Cam* – I have not figured it out yet.*Isa* – Maybe you and I should start a support group!! :o)*Ms. Blah Blogger* – A claw foot tub and a pull chain toilet?! Heeaaaven! And I'd much rather see a tub like that used as a planter than the TOILETS I've seen around here!!Thanks to all for your comments!

  8. So, Willy is getting ready to pull his claw foot tub OUT of his house… he bought a new one because he said the old one had a "scratch" in the bottom…. want me to see what he's gonna do with the old one??? I might get it LOADS cheaper… since it has such a scratch….LOL Said scratch is — long…. *rolling eyes here* (Me things he has LOTS more money than he knows what to do with….)

  9. omg…..I remember that tub so well and miss it so much…..I wanted to take it out of the house when we left it but couldn't…..check on sites that sell those vintage tubs, you may be surprised what you can pick one up for

  10. Beautiful! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  11. I agree with you–I'd take a clawfoot tub over a big whirlpool one any day. A friend of mine admitted that she bought her old house because of the cool tub in it. There's just something about them!

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