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Stop Drop & Roll

Yesterday afternoon we took the girls (from our Girl Scout troop) to visit the local fire department. I have no idea if they actually learned anything or not, but we all got to see lots of cool little fire gadgets. I was disappointed that there was no fire dog and no fireman’s pole. Contrary to popular belief, I do not pole dance, but… I would love to have taken photos of the kids sliding down an honest to goodness fireman’s pole and possibly slid down it myself.

The fireman asked the girls questions about what to do if they or someone close to them was on fire and what to do if their homes caught on fire. My personal highlight of the trip was when my daughter said that her parents sleep in the basement and then asked if the house catches on fire should she just leave them. Well, gee… thanks Kaia. I’m putting up extra smoke detectors this weekend.

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  1. I may or not be the proponet of that common knowledge… Psst…Christine's a strippa, pass it on!!Also, Papaya is hilarious! But, I'm glad she asked instead of running thru a burning house. We've always told Dylan to get himself out and how to break his window. Of course, we would run straight to him, but we want him to understand that we can take care of ourselves if we know he is safe!

  2. Ok, ok, you got me! I confess. You are right, Cam, I'm a strippa. Dudes just love the hail damage….

  3. Mhmm…shakin' it on the weekends.;)

  4. I thought Kaia was the pole dancer in the family!! 🙂 If there HAD been a pole- I'm sure she would have showed everyone how to dance 🙂

  5. There's nothing like your own kids to show you your place in line, huh?

  6. I have to agree with Rubi on the noted "pole-dancer" in the family

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