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Did I Go Back in Time?

Happy Monday and second week of April to everyone!

Trust me when I tell you that this weekend was b-e-a-utiful! I have the rocking sunburn to prove it, too. It was in the high 60’s and slightly breezy and the perfect day for yard work. I love to mow the yard. I know it’s a weird thing to like to mow your yard, but I just love it. Yes, I’m strange. Anywho… I hopped on the in-laws riding mower (’cause I ain’t push mowing THIS yard & we don’t yet have a riding mower of our own… yeah, we’re cool like that) and took off mowing the yard.

The smell of fresh cut grass. The sun shone. The breeze was… well, breezy. Before I knew it, I was done. I still had time to play with the kids and enjoy the afternoon. It was so nice we even grilled some pork chops. However, as the day turned to night… I discovered that in my haste to mow some yard I had forgotten to baste myself in sunscreen.

Humor me here… put both of your arms up, place your hands at 10AM and 2PM as if you were driving, and look down at your arms. Do you see how the inside of your arm where your elbow bends is completely and utterly exposed to the wondrous sunlight? Now imagine that tender spot as red as a beet ’cause that’s what mine looked like by Saturday night. Every time I would bend my arms, they would “stick” together and pulling them apart was torture! Torture I tell you! But still, on Sunday, because it was equally as b-e-a-utiful as Saturday and warmer with a high of 74 degrees … I was sitting back outside with my glass of sweet tea, soaking up the sun.

Fast forward to this morning. It’s Monday and that alone is bad enough. Friday I was begging for Monday to get here. Now that Monday is here… I want Friday back! Not only did I have to get up at 5:45AM, I woke up to a temperature of 38 degrees. I swear it. This is the high today. In fact tonight… they are saying there is a chance of SNOW!! I think I must have fallen asleep last night and traveled back in time to Winter!

I call for a boycott on this cold weather business! At least until it’s actually supposed to be this cold!

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  1. How 'bout this KY weather, huh? Last weekend, I watched a funnel cloud that was trying form go right over the top of my house! The same one they saw from the doors at WBKO studios. Kat and Ash told me that they had all the same weather we did while they were in GA. I bet they didn't wake up to what we did this morning, though! LOL.

  2. No, true story, we didn't…and thank goodness, I detest freezing cold weather.

  3. Cold weather sucks ass…. 😦

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