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Count to 10

Patience is something that is forever eluding me. Don’t ride in a car with me unless you have prepared yourself for my road rage.

What’s most irritating to me at the moment is…

Ye Olde Desktop computer.

I’ve been mooching off of my mom’s laptop for quite some time now because I was messing with the inner workings of Ye Olde Desktop and well, messed something up. I have since fixed it. Although I don’t know how exactly I did that. I’ve become so used to the quick “click and be there” with the laptop that having to wait for my computer is like watching paint dry. Now, sadly, I must return the laptop. It is long overdue to go to it’s natural home, but it will be missed my it’s adoptive family.

I can’t do two things at once on mine. For instance, I like to use Windows Live Messenger to instant message. Can’t do that with Ye Olde Desktop. At least not when surfing the Web. You can do one or the other, but not both. Click on an icon to pull up say… My Pictures… wait… wait for it… ohhh there it is….

It’s actually not that old. I think we got it in 2005 (?). I’ve even gone through and deleted all the programs that I don’t need or use. Moved all music and pictures to disc so they weren’t taking up space… and still it’s slow. I guess I shouldn’t complain it is actually working again. It could be much slower than it is, I supposed, but I just have no patience.

I’m already trying to drop hints to the hubby that I’d really, really like a new laptop for maybe my birthday or Christmas. Although I will settle for just some more memory, if it’ll make Ye Olde Desktop faster…

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  1. I am often amazed at the things I no longer have patience for in this fast-paced life we now live. We have to actually remind ourselves to slow down and breathe.

  2. Speed, more speed!!just kidding…Hope you get a new computer soon.

  3. That totally stinks!!I spaced out that last sentence so that it looked slower. Hilarious. Ahh..what a waste of a perfectly good joke.

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