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A "How-To"

How to Hide from the Dog in the New House

By Shilo

*That is the infamous sprayer that got stuck in the on position… It’s a wonder too because look at how spiffy and shiny and obviously brand new that faucet is…..


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  1. I have one of those spiffy looking sinks, too, except mine is BROWN!!!

  2. Oooo… brown. Yea, sorry 'bout that! I like the sink though. It's old and deep so I'm less likely to slosh water everywhere while doing the dishes. But that faucet… got to go!

  3. "while I'M doing the dishes." ah ha ha ha…If you have a dishwasher there is no reason to do dishes. I don't care if it's a single fork, do the dishwasher.{this is a joke, use your dishwasher responsibly, don't waste water on a single fork}

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