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Ranting Rambling

So it’s finally here. The day where I berate the “Academy” for awarding Penelope Cruz an Oscar for “Vicky Christina Barcelona”. I’m sure you will remember my displeasure at Rebecca Hall’s seeming dismissal in all the ads for the stinkin’ movie to begin with. I’m not trying to say that Ms. Cruz is not a great actress. I’m just saying that this movie role did not warrant an Academy Award for her or what seems to be an overlook of a wonderful actress in Ms. Hall. I was all prepared for this to be all about the Cruz/Oscar/Hall thing… until I watched “The Bachelor” last night.

I haven’t been following the show. I don’t, in fact, ever watch the show. But last night we were waiting for something else to come on (WWE for the kiddos) and I got sucked in. The little host guy kept saying how it was going to be the most emotional “After the Final Rose” show eva so I just HAD to know what was going down.

I watched the final episode. I found myself rooting for Melissa. Not that Molly wasn’t a great person. I just liked Melissa. Imagine my excitement when he declares his absolute L.O.V.E. for Melissa, tells her he was falling for her from the very beginning, gets down on one knee and proposes in the best way he can…. then the “After the Final Rose” segment starts…

That douche bag comes out on stage and starts talking about all he can think about is Molly this, Molly that. How his and Melissa’s relationship (all 6 weeks of it) wasn’t the same as it was before and how he thought he’d just like to give it a go with Molly. WTF?! However, it seems he hasn’t exactly informed Melissa of this fact just yet. Little host man is like… “So you are going to break up with Melissa tonight? Does she know this?” King of all Jerks says, “We’ve talked and she knows how I feel and where my feelings are and what I’m thinking.” Um… really? ‘Cause when he dropped the bomb on that poor girl, she did not look like she had any idea that he was still “in love” with Molly. I felt so badly for her! She asked him why he wouldn’t fight to make it work with her and all he could do was shake his head like a dumb ass and shrug his shoulders. I was just hoping and praying that when he got his chance to beg Molly for “another go at it” that she would tell him to go to hell. That she would think about the way that she felt when he told her that he couldn’t choose her. That she would realize that was exactly how Melissa was now feeling, except way worse because he ACTUALLY GAVE HER A RING AND SAID MARRY ME.

Alas, she did not. She said they could “see what happens”.

I can only hope that after the cameras stopped rolling…. she kicked him in the balls.


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  1. yeah….imagine what I was thinking since I did watch the entire season and the season before that, when he was on the bachelorette…we REALLY know Jason after all these months together yet he still amazed all of us…oh well, all I could do was write about it on my blog and let the comments come in and wow…not many people are happy with him….you are not alone !!!

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