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I’ll Be Back

I’m right in the middle of moving so I haven’t had time to berate the Academy for actually awarding Ms. Cruz an Oscar (remember the previous post), but I will return soon! I promise! The internets will be down at the current location starting tomorrow and will be on at the new house sometime tomorrow, but I won’t quite be all moved in and ready to start in on my blog bliss.

So see you all soon and wish my lazy behind luck!!!


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  1. YAY! You are finally moved in! Now comes the fun part…unpacking! Just take it slow, one box at a time. I am so jealous. I love this kind of stuff. I need a labelmaker for my birthday this year.

  2. I hope you get back to posting soon. I'm looking forward to it. Ain't unpacking just the most funnest thing you've ever had to do? I'm having me some of that fun now.

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