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Why You Shouldn’t Do This

I was duped by Stamps.com. In their defense I guess I should mention that I wasn’t aware there was fine print. Always read the fine print.

I was trying to save myself a trip to the Post Office. I had Christmas cards to mail and I was trying to find a service where I could print the postage directly on the envelopes and send them on their way. I signed up for this Stamps.com. Little did I know there was a monthly charge. I never actually used the service because I couldn’t print on the envelopes and I had no labels to print on. So I deleted the software from the computer, drove to the Post Office, bought regular stamps and sent those cards sailing down whatever it is they sail down.

Friday morning, while inspecting the meager funds available in the checking account, I spy a $15.99 charge from Stamps.com. What is this? I say. I don’t really have $15.99 to be spending on a service that I DO NOT USE. So I had to go to the website, re-download the software (because I didn’t use it and had deleted it), log into that software and find out that indeed there is a monthly fee. There are two “plans”: one is $15.99 and the other is $24.99. Well, thank goodness they didn’t sign me up for the $24.99 plan. I would have been even more upset.

I go back to the website. I find a link that explains to me how to get the postage money back, but no information about anything else of concern. I click the “Contact Us” link. I contact them in regards to canceling the account due to the fact that I haven’t/won’t ever/ don’t need it. I get an immediate response in the form of… We are sorry. You can not cancel your account via online or email. You must call our office at 1-800-this is going to take forever. Our hours are in the Pacific Time Zone so you will have to wait for the next four years to be able to call us as you are in the Central Time Zone. Have a nice bleeping day.


After finally getting through to an actual person, it was a fairly painless process. The poor guy on the other end tried fruitlessly to get me to continue my service, but alas after telling him 4 times that I just wanted to discontinue the service, he finally did just that.

Did you know that they offer residential rates that start at only $9.99 a month? I never pretended to be anything but just your regular everyday person…. well, do I look like a business??? Did I check the little box under my address that said “This is a business address.”??? No, I did not. So why were they charging me at a business rate????

This whole thing is going to be the great mystery of 2009 I do believe.


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  1. All that? Who do they think they are, AT&T?

  2. beware of the DOT COMs… I think they are going to be my downfall.

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