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Inauguration Day

It’s Inauguration Day. It’s a historical day in America. I honestly wish that my kids weren’t at school today. I would like to experience this with them. I’m sure it will be a day they will remember and talk about when they are all grown up. I know it’s a probably a bad reference, but I can remember my mom telling me about learning of President Kennedy’s assassination and how it was one of those events that you just won’t forget.

For me, as a child, I can’t really remember anything as big as when the space shuttle Challenger blew up. Carrying the teacher, Christa McAuliffe. I’ll probably not ever forget her name. We were watching it on the TV in our classroom. I was 7.

The next major event happened on Sept. 11th, 2001. I got out of bed just in time to see that second plane. I remember thinking that I’d never see another plane flying through the sky.

My hope is that my kids will watch this inauguration and once again be proud of the country they are from. I hope that their experiences are hopeful ones and not tragic ones like my generation and generations before mine have had to experience.


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  1. Isn't it interesting how we remember the details of "the moment when" like, when the shuttle exploded, I was in Mrs. Rich's classroom. And when the terrorist attacks happened, I had just walked in to the bedroom and sat down on the bed to watch what was happening when the second plane hit. I remember thinking, "Oh God, this will change everything." I remember thinking it was so bizarre not to see a plane in the sky.And today, I was sitting in the living room floor with my son, with tears streaming down my face. Just trying to explain to him the gravity of the situation unfolding before our eyes, but finding my words coming up short.I am so thankful to have witnessed it.

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