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Please Start…

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a fire started in a fireplace? I do. I sat in front of the stinking fireplace for about 2 hours today. I swear it was laughing at me.

Whaa ha ha ha… keep trying to get me going, I’m not going to start!

We haven’t been using that fireplace this year. It’s kind of a pain to have to stoke it all the time, but as some of you already know, we got a whopping $420 electric bill this month. Thank you TVA for raising your rates without notice to your customers. That electric bill is only $20 shy of taking my husbands entire paycheck for one week. Again, thank you TVA.

So yea… I used half a plastic grocery bag full of dryer lint and still no fire in the damn fireplace. I figured that now was the time to finally start burning some wood since the lows will be in the teens these next couple of days.

Here’s our 7 day forecast…

Yes, that looks like a “holy shit it’s cold” forecast to me.

Anyone got any good idea on getting a fire started or maintaining said fire??? Anyone??? And don’t say invest in gas logs because then I’d have to kill you….


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  1. On top of your lint pile, (you might try to shred or wad some newspaper and mix it with the lint), strip some of the bark off your logs and place them on top. Lay some of the strips one way, not too close together, then some strips the other way. Leaving some space between the strips will help air circulate and feed the fire once it catches. Hope this helps. Oh, and try placing a few sticks teepee style over your kindling pile. When they are burning, then pile on a log or two. The idea is to start small and build it up. Good luck.

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