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What is that?

Do you know what I find annoying about television today?

Those advertisements at the bottom or corner or both of your TV that block half of the screen!!

Are they too cheap to buy real commercial time? But then you run into those annoying commercials as well.

You know those hour long breaks in the program to brainwash you into buying “Mighty Putty” because Billy Mays said so. Just in case you missed it the first time, they play that same commercial 12 minutes later when it’s time for the next hour long break in your program or maybe not. Maybe it’s “Hercules Hooks”. Or “OxiClean”, “Kaboom”, or “Orange Glo”. Who the hell is this guy anyway?!?!?! Why is he the authority on what we should buy?!?! What makes him so darned speee-shul? Anyone??? ……….. I couldn’t come up with anything either.

Back to the original annoyance. Those “in-show” pop up ads. I found an article written in the NY Times about just this subject. In this article I found the perfect example of what I am talking about.

A third of the screen is covered by an obvious ad for a movie during an episode of “Heroes”. I am trying to watch a show. I am not trying to be distracted by ads right in the middle of that show. No wonder more and more people are being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. You can’t even sit through a 30 minute TV show without being bombarded with endless advertising.

Stop already. I do not go out and buy your product just because Billy Mays is screaming at me to hang 150lbs of whatever on a “Hercules Hook”. I am not going to watch that other TV show just because you have covered up HALF OF THE SHOW I do want to watch with an ad for it. In fact, that makes me not want to watch it or buy that product.

Maybe these executives should take all the money they are spending on product placement and advertising and give it to charity. There are many organizations that could benefit from the millions and millions that are being spent for no good reason…

…other than to ANNOY PEOPLE.


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  1. I'm with you, sister! I abhor those commercials!!!! You forgot to include car dealership commercials and family owned businesses that make up their own and use their family members in their commercials.I reallllly can't stand that Oxy Clean Guy!!!!!!!

  2. You know… I was just bitching about this very same thing last night while I was watching a movie. It sucks… AND that Oxy guy MUST get paid big bucks because I have NEVER gotten so excited about washing some damn clothes….

  3. But that Hercules Hook does sound awfully handy, and I do want to see American Gangster…I tease you…

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