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OMG! It’s really "New"!

My husband, Chris, and I have been together for quite some time now. Like many young couples, we didn’t have much when we were getting started. In all our years together, since 1994, we’ve never purchased our own furniture. Wait, let me explain this a little further.

We have actually purchased furniture. Never “new” furniture though.

Our first sofa and chair was a hand-me-down one from one of his Aunts. I don’t have any pictures of it (Thank God) and I couldn’t find any photos on the internet that showed just how old school-icious it really was. I’m sure you all remember the wood frame couches right? The ones with the 1970’s striped pattern linen cushions that were basically just squares of foam only about 4 inches thick. Yeah, that’s the one. We had a matching chair too! I can see your jealously.

Next up, we had a friend who was buying all new furniture for his living room and we got to buy his old one. The sofa, love seat, coffee table, and two end tables! All for only $150! Wow…. yea, not so much, but it was better than sitting on those 4 inch thick pieces of foam that were passing for cushions. Here’s a picture of that one.

Please hold your applause… But isn’t that a cute photo of the kids! Anyhow….

Our next sofa was given to us by our neighbors daughter. She got a bed frame, we got a sofa and love seat. It was big. It was heavy. I liked it. But… the back cushions were just over-sized pillows so they NEVER stayed in place. The best picture I could find is below.

Who is that cute baby in the picture you ask? Why, that’s little Kaia watching Daddy open her Christmas present for her because she was taking too long. Eventually this sofa went through many a slip cover. Not a single one of them ever stayed in place. Ever.

Our next sofa was a hide-a-bed hand over from my grandmother. It has flowers. Big poofy magnolia-esqe pinkish flowers. But it’s a hide-a-bed. It also went through a few covers, but guess what… they didn’t stay put either. I almost forgot this one and I had to go back and add it in the correct order of things. This sofa we still have. It is hiding out in the storage room for now.

Here we have said flowery sofa covered in a nice maroon slip cover. Notice the horrid flowery pillow. Yes, the entire sofa is done in this fabric, hence – the slip cover. Might I add that the handsome man in this photo is rocking his shades that the Easter bunny brought him…

Today we have the most awesome-est of hand-me-down furniture. I actually don’t want to part with it because I love all the gadgets, but I wish it was a different color. We got this gem from my husbands mother and step-dad. They had it for like 7 years before we purchased it from them and now we’ve had it for 2 years. I must say that it is still in excellent working order and will no doubt make the next family happy. The recliner obviously reclines, but it also has heat and vibration. The love seat reclines on both ends. The sofa has a pull down area in the middle with cup holders. It too has heated seats with vibration. I know, I know… OOOooooo, AAAhhhhh… yes, this sofa has kept me warm many nights. But again, the color is just too dark.

Recently, a new furniture place opened. They have those loud get your attention commercials on at all hours of the day. I have now memorized their phone number. Not that I wanted too, but the guy on the commercial is so boisterous about it… PHONE 3 9 3 9 3 3 3!!! What really caught my attention was the claim of a free layaway plan.

Last week, on Fun Friday, Cam and I went to look at all they had to offer, ask about that free layaway, and all that other stuff they don’t tell you in the commercial. Turns out it’s a 2 year layaway plan, no interest for 6 months, and they don’t charge to store it. They do charge to deliver it once you paid for it, but it’s a small fee. I think we felt every sofa or love seat or chaise in the entire warehouse. I decided on the ones that I liked the best. Took photos and then basically had to run out the door to keep the salesman from accosting us to buy it right then and there.

So after Chris got off work on Saturday, we dropped the kids to spend the night with his mom and step-dad and headed to the furniture warehouse. He agreed with my choice and we did it. We purchased our very first furniture. Well, at least the very first brand new furniture that is!

And it comes with those pillows too!!

….I’m such a geek…


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  1. Woo Hoo!! I love it. Love it. Love it. Loooooove it! It's really comfortable. I'm kicking myself over the first brand new couch I ever bought. $800 by the time it was all over, and not worth a dime. Stupid American Signature Home store. And our bedroom furniture? 3K worth of 'cherry'. Yeah, only NOT. Stupid hometown furniture store in Bowling Green on the corner of the square that I can't remember the name of now. I am sooo jealous of you. By the way, my cat caught "the heat"(as dylan puts it) from your cat. Tell her I said thanks.

  2. Well, it's not all said and done yet and I already have the feeling that this is going to end up costing us way more than what that tag reads!Sorry about catching "the heat"… LOL!!!! You should have expected it though because we determined that we thought they were around the same age… maybe it will be over soon…

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