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Archive for November 24, 2008

Inner… Uh… "Chi"???

So I’m sitting here at the bus stop at 2:32PM on Tuesday afternoon, the18th. No, the kids don’t get out of school early or anything. No, I wasn’t just bored sitting around the house.

For starters, I jacked up my computer. I don’t have any idea what I did either. My kids computer (aka my old computer) had a multi-card reader on it so I decided that I was going to take it from their computer and put it on mine. No problem, it’s an easy process. Just unplug from one and plug it into the other. Well, that’s what I did, but I plugged it into the wrong spot. I didn’t notice that it was plugged in wrong at first. No horrible problems when I turned my computer back on. Except that my mouse wasn’t working. I tried a different mouse. Still nothing. I turned it back off using the keyboard to navigate around the desktop. I then discovered that I had plugged in the card reader wrong so I fixed it. Turned the computer back on. No mouse movement. AND no keyboard. But the card reader was finally working. I thought I could get along with out the mouse for a little while until I could take the computer to have it looked at about the mouse. Well, now I can’t even shut it down properly. I just have to pull the plug. For you guys that know me, me without internet = crazy lady. So I called and groveled to my mom to borrow her laptop. She sensed how desperate I was becoming and obliged me. Thanks Mom!

Now back to why I am sitting at the bus stop more than an hour before the bus comes. I park on the side of the road in a spot just big enough for my car in the middle of nowhere on the county line to pick my kids up off the bus. ( Wow that’s a huge sentence right there) Last week, there was some girl parked in my spot in the morning! How dare she!! I had to squeeze my car in between a mailbox and a concrete marker that says “Valve” on it. Who the hell does she think she is?! She didn’t put her kids on the bus too so I was left wondering what in the world she was doing there at 6:30 in the morning. She was obviously waiting for someone because she kept looking out her window. She wasn’t there that afternoon so I thought well, maybe she was just meeting someone. The weekend came and went and on Monday morning… no girl in my spot. Joy of joys. Monday afternoon, however, she was back again. Parked all catawampus IN MY SPOT! WTF? So I again had to squeeze in – Make room ! Make room! No kids got off the bus to get in her car… Sooooo…. I am here early to see if she comes today. I’m trying to see what time she gets here so I can leave a little early and beat her here.

Yes, I know…it’s just a piece of grass on the side of the road, but it’s my piece of grass and I’ve been parking on it for two years. Get your own piece of grass on the side of the road some where else “parking spot stealing girl”.


UPDATED: I wrote this early and posted it late, but I wanted to post that I finally found out why she was there. She is putting her kids on a different bus going to a different school. I know this is a trivial thing. I know that I shouldn’t be irritated by the whole thing, but I am. I’ve been parking there to meet the bus for about two years. When I first started going there to meet the bus, there was a different woman also meeting the bus there. She parked at the end of the road, just out of the way of traffic. I DID NOT start parking where she was parking. I found somewhere else to park. Because that was the polite thing to do. Not just take it upon myself to park my car, truck, SUV in the exact same spot that she did. I am trying to take Cam‘s advise and remember that I am moving in just a couple of months and then I won’t have to deal with it… so I’m searching for my inner whatever to keep me from being irritated over something that I shouldn’t be irritated over….