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It’s Fun Friday…

In today’s episode of “The Adventures of Peas & Carrots”, Cam & I will be taking you to a far off land called… the movie theater… da daa dunnnnnn! I know most of you may not know what this place is anymore because, like myself, the economy keeps us from doing things we enjoy.

But today is different. Today is “Twilight”. It is different from our normal “Fun Friday” adventures. I love these books. Cam hasn’t read them, but I’ve talked and talked about them and so she agreed to a matinee with me. Don’t tell that employee of Hot Topic though because apparently she already thinks that we are a couple. Ha! Anywho… I will be debriefing you all tomorrow of our adventure to the movies today.

Hope everyone had a great Friday!


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  1. I'm gonna pinch your toosh next time we are in there. I don't understand why she thinks we are a couple. I mean, do we not stand at an appropriate distance apart when we shop? And why aren't you here already? Starbucks is waiting!

  2. Have a great day, Peas & Carrots!

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