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Archive for November 20, 2008

It’s Creeping Up on Me

Christmas, that is. I’ve been trying to avoid as much of the Christmas stuff as possible this year. Only because it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!!

I did finally give in though. I figure that it’s after Halloween so it may be safe to go ahead and wander the Christmas aisles. We’ve had the same ornaments on our tree for about 4 years now so I thought we could do with a change. Not to mention that after walking down the 5 aisles of ornaments at Hobby Lobby, I felt the need to possess new ornaments this year. And we all know how distracted I am with shiny things!! I will admit that some of these “things” were God-awful ugly and weighed so much I don’t know how anyone could use them or would want to. Ugh. So I’ve purchased all the new ornaments for our tree this year early. (They were having a 50% off sale!)

I will not put them up before Thanksgiving! I refuse. I saw a house just this past Saturday night that had a lit-up snowman on their front porch. A snowman people. Another had their icicle lights already glowing… what??? It’s just too early people. Stop already. The year went by fast enough with out having to speed right on past the next major holiday.

Slow down. Enjoy it. Jeez.