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A Post to Be Proud Of.

I was actually feeling pretty good this morning. Better than most mornings, at least! Then I came to the little black box that distracts me for most of my day. I do get things done though… I swear. But I don’t have to actually sit in front of the washer/dryer or the dishwasher while it does it’s thing, do I? My washer & dryer have a nifty beeper to alert me to the fact they are ready to be changed. Sort of like a baby, but not. I actually made a post some time ago about the niftyness (I made a word…weeeeee!) of my new washer/dryer set…………………. Ok, so maybe I didn’t ???? I thought I had but I guess that was on the MySpace. Oops! I digress.

I had comments! I love comments! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they make no sense to me, sometimes they mean something. Today I had a comment that meant something. Not that all the funny, make no sense to me comments are meaningful, they are. I am showcasing the comment here in a post because I think it applies to many families/people, but mostly because it made me feel good about myself when I read it. Thanks Mr. Gatekeeper! Sometimes having a complete stranger boost you is all you need to keep going, smile, and realize that friends and family are what really matter in life.

“I really had no idea that ladies from Kentucky used words like acronyms! With that said, that will be my last “smart ass” comment in this post…..
The truth of the matter is I’ve read you’re blog entries with considerable interest because there, I have found the true America. You and a number of your friends are bright, articulate and very thoughtful. That means you, regardless of your supposed social standing, have a great deal to offer, both to those around you and those far away… Those that will at times seem so clueless when in comes to issues like tracking your ever growing grocery costs. Having grown up in a home where my Dad died when I was five and my Mom struggled terribly to keep clothes on my back…. Where ham hocks, pinto beans and cornbread were pretty much the weekly menu, except when things got tough and you fell back on graveyard stew (Toast sliced into small squares, served with warm milk poured over it and made palatable with a layer of sugar and cinnamon), I do understand your concern!
In all of that I truly understand your frustration, but in truth you should consider yourself a person of great wealth. You have integrity…. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have the circle of friends around you that you have. You have a seemingly wonderful family… The photos of your kids all reflect happy little farts that are so full of hell they should at times, be a misery. The Old Man looks like you could hand him a shovel and if a hole needed to be dug, he’d pull it off. Dear girl, that’s truly as good as real life gets! You can add all the fluff around the edges that seems so important in today’s world, but real life is a good solid hug from the Old Man and kids, putting a bandage on one of the little one’s knees and knowing that you’ve got enough good people around you that if it all goes to hell, the rest will be there to cover your butt with the same being true of you should it happen to one of them. You, dear lady, are upper class, possess a fine mind and are as wealthy as a person can truly get.
As for those folks in Washington and the others who will or have lost their butts in the market, what do they really have? Money in your pocket is fun, but it doesn’t make you a person of substance and I seriously doubt that more than a very few of them could find a friend to cover their backsides if the going gets rough. Even fewer that will stop them from taking a bottle of pills just because their net worth just tanked….
The country we should love, the country we should long for is the one that consists of folks like you, your family and your friends. That is where the true America was born and where it truly still resides!
That “Ye Who Is Distracted By Shiny Things”…. is how your Grandma made it through. She had confidence in herself and the folks around her and knew that regardless…. The sun will rise tomorrow morning so enjoy the ride! You are still so young that really…..Life is just beginning and someday the greatest of honors will be given to you. Some one will talk about how their Grandma was so cool and made it over every obstacle…. That Grandma will be you and if you manage to pull it all off with a smile, you’ll be a legend!”

September 30, 2008 7:33 PM by The Gatekeeper

I hope that Mr. Gatekeeper doesn’t mind my “reposting” of his comment. I had just a couple of comments for his comments…. We occasionally use big words, like acronym, here in the Bluegrass, but don’t let that fool anyone…. I still say y’all a lot. Honestly, I was hoping that “acronym” was the word I was actually looking for. I live for “smart ass” comments those are the funny ones! Can’t wait to see the next comment he leaves… ha ha ha! I loved that he called the hubby the “Old Man”! Loved it! And in fact, that Old Man just changed the brakes on our car (with a little help from me!) and I told him that those types of things were the things he needed to teach our son (& daughter, too!). I believe those are things that have been lost over the years, but paying someone $80 to change your brake pads is crazy when you can just by the pads yourself for about $20. And, yes they are farts and they are a misery, but I love that about them!

I hope that anyone reading this will stop and take a look at their own lives. Realize what really matters.

Oh oh oh!! And don’t forget……… Halloween is only 30 days away!!!