I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

Apologies for my excessive use of acronyms this morning in the title. Both of them seemed to fit the whole situation though.

Today is the last day of September. Problem is… I don’t remember what happened to the rest of the year. Only three months left in 2008. It’s looking like this is going to be a year to end all years.

No matter how you slice it, the election will be history making. We are either going to have a black president or a woman vice president. The whole stock market thing is very confusing to me, but I know enough to know that “those people” have no idea what is going on in America. In the REAL world that we all live in and they just look at from afar. I can say I’ve never been proud to be a member of the lower middle class. We’ve lived from one paycheck to the other for many years, but we’ve had a happy life none the less. We’ve always tried to let our children be free of any stress from money issues. A few bumps along the way, but nothing greater than anyone elses’.

Now, however, I am glad I don’t have lots of money tied to stocks and bonds and all that stuff. That’s lots of money that I’m NOT going to lose in this whole billion/trillion/gazillion bailout bull shit. Just once though I’d like for all those congressmen and senators and whatnot to come live in the real world. See that my grocery bill has gone from being a lean $80 on average a week for my family of four to more than $125 a week. I don’t buy name brand groceries. I buy the store brands. I buy the economy packs. I am still spending more and more every week just to feed my family. We won’t even begin to start on gasoline prices. We didn’t go out too often before, but now it’s very rare that we are able to go do things as a family outside of the home. We still try to let the kids do things that kids should do, like baseball, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts. Your childhood only comes once, ya know. Now is the time when I wish my grandmother had been more accessible. She was the only grandparent I ever had. The others’ were gone either before I was born or before I could walk/talk/understand. She was born in March of 1930. She was a young girl during the Great Depression, a teenager during World War II. She would know the things needed to survive without relying on others. Those are the skills I need now. The skills we are all going to need sooner rather than later I am afraid.


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  1. My Grandma and I used to talk about her life during those days. She said she didn't realize that folks were struggling so hard until she was older, they lived out on an amazing farm. I wish I'd learned to garden from her. That woman could grow one hell of a garden…

  2. I really had no idea that ladies from Kentucky used words like acronyms! With that said, that will be my last “smart ass” comment in this post….. The truth of the matter is I’ve read you’re blog entries with considerable interest because there, I have found the true America. You and a number of your friends are bright, articulate and very thoughtful. That means you, regardless of your supposed social standing, have a great deal to offer, both to those around you and those far away… Those that will at times seem so clueless when in comes to issues like tracking your ever growing grocery costs. Having grown up in a home where my Dad died when I was five and my Mom struggled terribly to keep clothes on my back…. Where ham hocks, pinto beans and cornbread were pretty much the weekly menu, except when things got tough and you fell back on graveyard stew (Toast sliced into small squares, served with warm milk poured over it and made palatable with a layer of sugar and cinnamon), I do understand your concern!In all of that I truly understand your frustration, but in truth you should consider yourself a person of great wealth. You have integrity…. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have the circle of friends around you that you have. You have a seemingly wonderful family… The photos of your kids all reflect happy little farts that are so full of hell they should at times, be a misery. The Old Man looks like you could hand him a shovel and if a hole needed to be dug, he’d pull it off. Dear girl, that’s truly as good as real life gets! You can add all the fluff around the edges that seems so important in today’s world, but real life is a good solid hug from the Old Man and kids, putting a bandage on one of the little one’s knees and knowing that you’ve got enough good people around you that if it all goes to hell, the rest will be there to cover your butt with the same being true of you should it happen to one of them. You, dear lady, are upper class, possess a fine mind and are as wealthy as a person can truly get.As for those folks in Washington and the others who will or have lost their butts in the market, what do they really have? Money in your pocket is fun, but it doesn’t make you a person of substance and I seriously doubt that more than a very few of them could find a friend to cover their backsides if the going gets rough. Even fewer that will stop them from taking a bottle of pills just because their net worth just tanked….The country we should love, the country we should long for is the one that consists of folks like you, your family and your friends. That is where the true America was born and where it truly still resides!That “Ye Who Is Distracted By Shiny Things”…. is how your Grandma made it through. She had confidence in herself and the folks around her and knew that regardless…. The sun will rise tomorrow morning so enjoy the ride! You are still so young that really…..Life is just beginning and someday the greatest of honors will be given to you. Some one will talk about how their Grandma was so cool and made it over every obstacle…. That Grandma will be you and if you manage to pull it all off with a smile, you’ll be a legend!

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