I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

No Title Ideas Come to Mind

Here I am again, having a lazy day. I’m sitting here drinking sweet tea and eating candy corn. Yes, that’s right – candy corn at 7:51AM. I’m a rebel. I should be doing my daily chores. I’m sure you all remember the grand idea of buying, filling out, and then following the beautiful planner. I did get one, I did fill it out, I followed it faithfully for a few days. … and then I sort of slacked off a little bit. Then I slacked off a lot of bit. Today I should be washing all the bedclothes, doing yet another daily load of dishes, and sweeping and mopping my kitchen/diningroom floors. At least, that’s what the trusty planner is telling me. See this all goes back to that whole willpower thing. And the fact that I really have none. I just want to be lazy today.

On a completely unrelated subject… I am jealous of my Gypsy Girl! She can write a blog/story like nobody’s business. Most days I struggle to get out even the smallest of interesting subjects. It’s no wonder that the only people actually reading this blog are people that I have known F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I love her anyway though!

It also came to me that maybe I can’t keep anyone’s attention because I myself am completely random. Yesterday I was irritated at Beyonce’s ginormous gaudy (yet beautiful) wedding ring, today I am lazy.

I should probably seek professional help… or some bourbon. See? Why did I say that? I don’t even like bourbon!


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  1. Thanks for linking me on your sidebar! That's awful nice of you! Cheers!

  2. Get out of my head, Shiny! Yesterday, my mom gave me an intersting lesson on bourbon after watching a tv show on PBS about it. We discussed bourbon for like half an hour.And I have always found what you have to say to be immensely entertaining. I big red shiny heart you! Have for going on about 17 years now. You are my Peas.

  3. Consider me one of your faithful few! I always find what you have to say interesting, whether it's on your blog or in person. By the way, you should give bourbon another try. There's a reason it's southern dietary staple, girl, and you may find your morning coffee even more desirable. One thing I've learned, everything in a southern woman's life can be made into an analogy about gardening, and housekeeping, and how she feels about her life, is relative to how much bourbon she drinks without anyone knowing.

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