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Not me….please.

I really feel like writing a blog today. Problem is…I really have nothing to blog about. Today is pretty much going like every other day. It’s not “going” anywhere. For me anyway.

I brought my mom’s laptop over to my house to update all the anti-virus info, get her FireFox 3 point something, and do the regular “Automatic Updates”. She still is a faithful user of AOL Dial Up. Since my DSL was faster, I brought her computer over her to do the updates for her. Her desktop computer had a little hitch in it’s step. She could turn it on and do pretty much whatever she wanted until she would log on to AOL. She could get logged on, but then she couldn’t navigate to any other websites. So…she took her PC to a place called Matrix Computers. Where the man assured her that he could fix it. He told her that it would take a couple of days, but he would get rid of all the stuff that was bogging it down. My mom sells a lot of stuff online and does pretty much everything in her life online so her computer is her lifeline. Those fine folks at the computer fixer place called today and said that it was fixed and for her to come pick it up. For a cost of about $200. My step-dad and she drove and picked it up. She asked if anything was lost. He says no, nothing. Got home. Wouldn’t go past the XP start up screen. She calls him and tells him something is wrong. He says bring it back and I’ll have a look at it. She tells him that he would look see while she was there because she has to have her computer TODAY. He plugs it in. It boots up. EVERYTHING IS GONE. everything… He took her computer all the way back to Day 1. It doesn’t even have the things on it that came with it when they bought it at Best Buy. No photos, no music, no documents. Nothing. She asked him what he did that for and he said because when it crashed it wiped out everything. EXCEPT – It didn’t crash and she was using the programs he said were lost. She had to go find an AOL disk just to be able to put that back on there. Wow, I know where NOT to take my computer if there is a problem.

On a side note, I’ve got to get a laptop.


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  1. Yeah, sucks when that happens… Tell her to breathe in and out slowly and deeply while she mourns… paperbags help too.

  2. I can't believe she didn't kill that guy or at least make him wish he was dead. Personally, I also want a laptop. What's not to love about them?

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