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The Day After

That’s what today is…. the day after my dad moved back to Florida. I was less than excited yesterday so I didn’t post last night.

I had been trying to prepare myself for the whole week, but it didn’t really work. He forbid me to cry as he was leaving. He said, “No crying now, ok?” Uh, yea, sure Dad. I did well too! I was actually proud of myself. Just a few tears, not all out sobbing or anything.

Until I got online, to blog about it all. I got sidetracked like usual. I read That Gypsy Girl’s post and the sobbing began. I have to admit though, it’s good to have a friend who knows exactly how you are feeling.

Today, I tried to ignore the fact that he wasn’t here by rearranging what seemed like every room in the house. But in reality was only three of them. It was really hard to walk into the room that used to be occupied by my Dad and find it virtually empty. So we took down my son’s full size bed, which took up the majority of his room, and replaced it with the bottom half of a twin bunk bed that my Dad had been using. We are going to get the other half (the top) and the other matching bunk bed in the next few days (to put in our daughters room). We spent the better part of the day just cleaning out and moving stuff in his room. Here’s a panorama view of the semi-finished product.

After that, the empty room became an honest to goodness, office.

No more having the computer right smack dab as soon as you walk in my front door. I hated that. It made the room look cluttered. Of course, I’ve never liked the way that room was set up anyway. It’s like an extra room with no purpose. Anyway, I haven’t finished putting stuff on the walls yet because I honestly don’t decorate well. “Home Interior” is not my friend. They would probably have a heart attack seeing my house.


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  1. I know it was hard for you, going through all the things in that room, but I just gotta say, "WOW!" It's great! I know we talked about it on the phone, but since seeing what you've accomplished, I'm more inspired than ever to get mine done.

  2. Hey…you did good girl! I can't wait to come see your office!

  3. I honestly don't know what to say, other than you KNOW I'm here for you. I haven't had many people move away from me (unless they were running away- so there was no tearful goodbye) but I will say- he'll be back. He got a taste of the "good" life that you have, and he will at least be back for visits… and don't forget, there's always girl's road trips. 🙂

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