I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

To start off with, “Day 2” was actually supposed to wait until Monday, but it was decently cool outside and cloudy so we decided to give it a go. I had grocery shopping to do earlier in the day so I stopped by Advance Auto Parts to pick up a manual on “her”. I haven’t decided on a good name yet, so I am open for suggestions.

First order of business was to remove the shifter from the transmission. Relatively simple procedure. All went well. No complications.

Next we had to remove the bar that is supporting the transmission mount. The passenger side bolts and nuts came off with a little effort, elbow grease, a hammer, and sweat. The drivers’ side, however, is a royal pain in the ass. See those two cute little bolts at the bottom of the picture? Well, they are the equivalent of having a broken bone in the middle of the wilderness without a cell phone to call for freakin’ help, OK. Those damn bolts are just not coming out. Well, not today anyway. Hence, the anger management lesson of the day from Dr. Dad. When you start to yell four letter words that look like this *&%$, then it’s time to walk away and evaluate your situation. So…that is what we have done for the day. This is why doctor’s don’t work on weekends. It’s stressful and usually doesn’t go as planned. Weekends should be reserved for fishing, swimming, and general not giving a shit.
*Medical note: Buy six point 13 mm socket tomorrow. For use with “pain in the ass” bolts. cb


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  1. Whoa, 'Black Betty', bam-a-lam. Have fun at camp!

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