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Minor Surgery or Day 1

A.K.A. “Picture(s) of the Day” of sorts.

Which may turn into MAJOR surgery. It all depends. Wait, let me give a back story of sorts.

All my days, of driving age at least, I’ve been plagued by the car gnomes. These creatures find it ever so amusing to cause all manner of problems to vehicles I own. From flat tires to tie rods, it doesn’t matter….it’s happened to me. Currently, we own three vehicles. A Ford, a Dodge, and a Chevy, none of which are “younger” than 12 years old. The Dodge is running fine now, but refer to the previous postings to see what happened to it just after purchase. The Ford, well it’s a Ford. 🙂 Needs a new computer and an O2 sensor. See the computer is all jacked up and telling the engine it isn’t getting enough go-go juice so the fuel injectors are constantly pumping it full of the good stuff and then it chokes on it’s own life giving crap. Oh, yea…and that ever popular…oil leak. Blah, blah, blah. I don’t like those cars anyway. I want my truck back. Yes, it’s old. Yes, it’s dented. Yes, the paint is all but gone. Yes, it has 248,000+ miles on it. No, I do not care. I want my truck back. She’s been good to me. She’s run through all manner of bad things and kept on going. Always trusty, that one. Months ago, strange and disturbing noises began to emanate from the transmission/clutch area. We’ve wrestled with which it could be. Not wanting or being able to afford to put a 12 year old vehicle with 248K+ miles on it in the shop, she got parked. While parked, seven different people stopped here wanting to know how much it was for sale for. I always fell short of saying, “Wow! How in the world could you tell it was “For Sale”? I don’t see a sign ANYWHERE!” We even had one guy pull up in our drive way in a rollback one night. Like he just assumed we would sell it to him.

Enter “Dr. Dad”. Able to diagnose most any vehicle issues by sound or just, hey it’s making a noise like this, or it’s doing such and such. This great ability comes from the fact that the “car gnomes” I mentioned earlier I inherited unknowingly from him. So over dinner last night, the conversation of just checking out the truck to see if it’s shade tree mechanic-able came up. Dr. Dad says he wants to hear it run so off we go to remove the battery from the Ford and transplant it into the Chevy. All goes well. Now the real test. The truck hasn’t been started in more than 6 months. Fingers crossed, battery cables attached, clutch pushed in….I turn the key. It turns over! Success!…but then it sputters out. That’s OK, try her again, but gently press the gas to keep her going. OK, I say. I’ll give it a whirl. I turn the key. It starts. I gently press the gas and keep the RPM’s to about 2 grand. I give it a minute. I let off the gas. She keeps running!!!! Wow…what a gal!

Today begins “Day 1”. Since Chris works day shift, it’s Dad and I. I’ve always been one to want to know “how it works” so getting my hands a little dirty or greasy isn’t a problem for me.

And so the process begins….
First we had to get it up so we could get under. No jack stands in sight so….concrete blocks and 4X4 it is. TADA! Front end is up, rear end is chocked. Step one complete.

We have decided that the “throwout bearing” is where we will begin to replace parts. Then we will go from there. I know a little bit about some of the terminology and where some things are located, but I’m not ASE certified or anything. 🙂 Today we are removing the drive shafts. Yes, I said shafts. Because I can’t have a normal vehicle just like I can’t have a normal pet. But that’s a whole other blog. Back to the story… Dad climbs under, I climb under. We commence surgery for the day. The rear portion of the drive shaft, where Dad is, comes out with virtually no problems. I am laying under the front half of the drive shaft. The half that is sticking out of the transmission. The half that leaks lubricate. Especially when you remove the drive shaft from the transmission and the vehicle is tilted in a fashion so that all the fluid comes out ON YOU! My truck essentially pee’d on me today. I did know that the fluid was going to come out, but I forgot the truck was tilted up so….. my bad. Unfortunately, we neglected to document that portion of the surgery. Of course, next time, I’m making sure the “head surgeon” is in the line of fire and not me, the lowly assistant.
I have to say that today’s surgery was a success. Organ “A” was removed successfully without much problem. We could have gotten a little bit more done today had it not been for Mother Nature deciding that it was time for a little thunderstorm. I guess it’s good though that we don’t do too much all at once. We are practicing medicine without a licence, ya know.


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  1. Hey I am LOVIN the new background!! Good luck and Godspeed on the surgeries!

  2. hey… I added a new blog to my blogroll that I think you will find interesting. It's the "Buddhist in Nebraska". Give her a look-see.Cam

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