I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

….I’m not dead.

Um…so yeah. It’s been a minute since I last blogged about anything blog worthy I guess. I’m really excited that my Dad is now living with us! He got here last weekend. He complained that is was too cold at 49 degrees. 🙂 Of course, he’s used to the Florida weather so I can’t blame him. I’m glad he’s here though so the kids can get a chance to know him and I get to spend some time with him myself. I’m hoping that this will give my (half) brothers a bigger reason to come up to Kentucky to visit. I think they are worried that he won’t be back, but he misses the beach and warm air. He says it just costs too much to live there now.

The kids have started their Little League games now. The first game was rained out, but the second game got played and they won! Final score was 2-10. We were the home team for that game. They have another game tonight at 8PM, but it rained off and on yesterday and all night last night. The weatherman said that it would probably start raining again tonight too so I think the field will be too wet to play, but who knows really. The game that was missed is supposed to be made up on Saturday so I hope it will dry out enough to do one of them at least.

Tomorrow is the Family Field Trip with the Cub Scouts to Mammoth Cave. We meet at 11AM and then it takes about 45 mins to get there. Opal isn’t really excited or anything because he just took a school field trip there a few weeks ago. I’m hoping that it will be a different tour. Ruby hasn’t ever been so I think it should be fun. Of course, I’ll take a bazillion photos for everyone to see. I’m sure I’ll make one of them or some of them my picture(s) of the day for tomorrow.

I’m ready for summer break from school to be here. Although it feels like they just started, I’m tired of getting up at 5:15AM every morning. Frankly, I’d like to hang around my house in my pj’s all day to be honest.

I would vent about the price of gas again, but I’m sure everyone is venting on that issue. So I’ll just leave it at that. …….and may they force be with you….and all that jazz…..