I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

Frustration Abounds

Ok, so I just have to vent a little bit.

Yesterday the kids had baseball practice. And like every other baseball practice, I couldn’t help but notice that the kids getting the most attention and help just happen to be the coach/asst. coach’s son’s. Now don’t get me wrong, their boys are good. I’m glad to have them on the team and I was excited by who the coaches were….at first. But every practice they stick the not-so-good kids in the outfield and just tell them to toss the ball back and forth until it’s time to start practicing batting. I’m not ignorant of the fact that my kids aren’t that good, but if someone, say the coaches?, would work with them instead of sticking them in the outfield every single practice then maybe they could become better players. Opal can throw well, but he needs help learning how to throw the correct way so that the ball will go farther and reach it’s destination. Ruby…no hope for throwing there…LOL she throws like a girl! But neither of them are good at catching the ball at all and no matter how many times my husband and I try to help them, they just won’t listen to us. Hence, Little League… Am I wrong to think that the coaches should be TEACHING the kids how to play baseball? Or are the kids just supposed to already know how to do it all?

The first game is Friday…yes this Friday. We still have no uniforms and no schedule. We know the first game is Friday, but we don’t know what time. “She“, whoever that is, was supposed to be at the ball field yesterday at 4:30PM with the uniforms and schedules, but by 5:15PM “she” still hadn’t shown up. The coach’s wife said that “she” teaches at Olmstead Elementary and was going to pick up the uniforms in Russellville on her way to Morgantown. Good grief…what a drive. Parents/grandparents can purchase shirts to go with their kids teams that have their names on them if they want. Last year, they spelled my name wrong. No surprise there really, except they spelled the same name correctly on my husband’s and Opal’s shirts, but spelled mine wrong. This year, we have six shirts, four of which we had to pay $15 a piece for. Four that have our last name (2 with name & the #48, 2 with name & the #20), one MAMAW, and one GRANDMA. How many of those will be spelled wrong? The coach’s wife said she would just bring the uniforms to school and send them home with the kids. I wonder if we will get all of our shirts. Plus the uniforms for the kids consist of hat, shirt, pants, and socks. How much of that is actually gonna make it home?

Everything just seems so disorganized. It’s like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing half the time or all the time really. I would like to wash these shirts and uniforms before they are worn, but if we don’t get them until Friday…..??????????

Just a little more venting….we aren’t going to get our IRS “Stimulus” check until the end of June!!! JUNE!!! The checks get mailed out according to the last two digits of your SSN. If you are married, it goes by the first person listed on the 1040/1040A/1040EZ. Unfortunately, Chris’ last two digits are 57 so we are pushed all the way until June 20th. Why, oh why, did we not get direct deposit on the tax return this year!!! With the price of gas just rising and rising with no end in sight we could really use that check to buy a few tanks.