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Angry Outburst

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has to be the most annoying person. Did anyone see her stupidness on “The View” this morning?

I can not stand to hear her talk. She seems to think that every one in the entire world was born blond and pretty and had great parents and a great education and grew up to marry a NFL player and be on a reality tv program. I am so so so sick of hearing her political views. Because they always involve the fact that she is a know-it-all stupid head who can not for any reason see how dumb she really sounds/looks. She never lets anyone finish a sentence. It’s like her mouth constantly has to be open. I can not believe someone hasn’t just told her to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! I do…I yell at the tv every time she opens that trash compactor of a mouth and spews forth her garbage.

I happen to like Obama. And like most of the country right now, dislike his former/current/whatever pastor. I was shocked, like most, when I heard some of the things he has been saying. Not shocked because I’m a 29 year old white female, but shocked as a human. Though I do understand that he grew up in a different time than I did. He has seen segregation. He has experienced racism. These issues, without a doubt, formed his opinions as an adult. I was fortunate enough to not have to experience these things. My parents did. My mother still remembers the day that the first black students came to her school. The image is burned into her because the three children had to be escorted to school by police. When they arrived, there was a big commotion and she distinctly remembers her white teacher saying, “Oh, it’s just the “blackies”.” What?!?! We as a society, black or white, really have no concept of what that must have felt like for those students. We study it in social studies, we see tv programs, we hear the stories, but we don’t actually feel it. I think that if I had experienced that type of hatred, I would be angry myself. I’d want to blame those that treated me or “my people” in that manner. Some times those lines are blurred. I was never a part in segregation, but I’m sure my great-grandparents were and some people blur me with my great-grandparents and people like them. I don’t hate people for their opinions because I wasn’t the one sitting in the back of the bus per say. Again, I was fortunate enough to not have to experience that. But my parents did. And with that one statement made by a teacher all those years ago, my parents taught me that if I cut my arm I bleed red blood. If a black person cuts their arm, they bleed red blood just the same. The only difference should be the amount of melanin in your skin. And if all my stinking freckles would grow together I myself would have one heck of a tan! With that said, Obama attending the church where Rev. Wright preached no more makes Obama a racist than going to your garage makes you a car. My friend told me a quote once, which is where that previous sentence pretty much came from….

“If going to church makes you a Christian, does going to your garage make you a car?”

When the issue of some statements made by McCain’s former/current/whatever pastor were read, Elisabeth immediately starting speaking over Joy Behar and telling her that that pastor’s words where not as important as the ones spoken by Rev. Wright. That it was “different”. When essentially, he had said the same things.

I’m just so irritated that in 2008 we still have people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck who think that they are superior to others because of whatever reasons. Just looking at her has come to the point where I get angry. I’m embarrassed for her. Does she not think before she opens that mouth? I’m upset right now because of listening to her talk about an hour ago, but I’m still thinking about what I am saying before I am writing it.

But I’m more embarrassed for our whole nation. We are trying to find the right person to lead our country out of this horrible mess it has become. But once again, it’s coming down to race/sex/creed/religion. As far as we have come….we really haven’t gone that far.

The road is still so long and there are only a few people left to tow the line…

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  1. I agree. Her republican/robotic remarks always favor the war, the president, & any other republican agenda she chooses. I wish someone would duct tape her mouth shut. I secretly wish Whoopi Goldberg would just bitch-slap her.

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