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A Million Little Pieces

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this at first. I saw it at a book sale the Bowling Green Public Library holds every year at the L & N Depot. It was only 50cents so I picked it up. The controversy surrounding it had a lot to do with my question of whether to buy it or not. I don’t always read the books that are part of “Oprah’s Book Club”, but some are pretty good. I remember seeing bits and pieces of the episode where Mr. Frey explained that the book wasn’t actually a “memoir”. After reading, I understand why Oprah picked this as one of her books. It’s excellent! I find it hard to understand that he didn’t go through these things himself. He seems to have first hand knowledge of being an addict and how it feels to recover. Even though I knew it wasn’t true, I was rooting for him to get better and succeed. I wish he hadn’t portrayed the book as a memoir, but just as a story. It didn’t take long for me to read (just over a week) because it kept me interested in wanting to know what would happen next. I definitely recommend reading it in your spare time.


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  1. Isn't it crazy that someone would fabricate an entire alternate life? What kind of a person makes up having been a drug addict? Oh yeah, nevermind

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