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Movie: "Hitman"

Original Post Date: 3-17-08

Movie: “Hitman”

Watchable Factor: Pretty good (if you like these kind of movies)


I have never played the video game. Never even heard of it honestly until I read on the credits at the beginning of the movie that it was based on a video game. However, I liked the movie. Most “video game to movie” movies aren’t that wonderful. I would like to have heard more on the backstory of the main character, Agent 47, but we are only given brief scenes of his past. There was obviously a bit of violence, but I don’t think it was too gory or overdone. The ending left it open for a sequel. I kept looking at Timothy Olyphant and thinking that I had seen this actor in some other movie, but couldn’t place it to save my life. So I looked it up on IMDB. Oh snap! He’s the white cop in “Gone in Sixty Seconds”…who knew….. Pretty good movie overall. If you like this genre of movie, then by all means go rent it! If you aren’t into “shoot ’em up” types….skip it.