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Movie: "Awake"

Original Post Date: 3-22-08

Movie: Awake

Watchable Factor: Decent, but a little predictable….


Starring….Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen, Terrence Howard, Fisher Stevens, that guy in Happy Gilmore that buys Grandma’s house and tries to bribe Happy into buying it back and others that I don’t know.

Pretty good movie. Some scenes were a little graphic, but I just turned my head the other way. Those scenes don’t take long and there isn’t a lot of blood with them. If you are paying close attention to the story line, then you can probably predict what is going to happen or what is happening, but it’s all around a good movie. The actors do a fine job and I would probably watch it again. Side note: not too much cursing, just a few here and there….and no nudity at all….there is one or two scenes where you see the backs of the actors, but no butts and one scene where you see the side of a breast but not the whole thing…sorry guys!