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Update on Dad

My father had surgery yesterday to reattach his colon. If you’ve read previous posts than you know what I’m talking about. However, nobody called to let me know what had happened ie. how he was, how the surgery went,…etc. So I looked up the phone number for the hospital and called. The operator said, “Yes, he’s in intensive care. Hold one moment.”….WHAT!?!? Intensive CARE!!! So the nurse in the intensive care unit answers the phone and I say, “Yes ma’am, I am Michael Garrison’s daughter and I was wondering if I could speak with him please.” She says, in a very soft are you retarded voice, “No, I’m sorry. He isn’t available at this time.” I told her that I just wanted to know if he was ok because I hadn’t gotten a phone call yesterday. She said, “Oh, your brother just left here. Why don’t you give him a call.” Click. That was the nurse hanging up the damn phone on me. ARGH! I don’t have my oldest brother’s cell phone number…so I search frantically through my cell phone for my sister-in-law’s phone number….YEAH! I find it. I call. She doesn’t answer!!!! Oh this isn’t going well. *sigh* She calls me back just a few minutes later. Turns out, she doesn’t have my new phone number! Oh, well now that makes sense. And the best news of all is that dad is doing just fine. He is in the intensive care unit because he needs to be watched…..closely. He tends to like to pull out the i.v.’s and cords and whatever is stuck in him that isn’t natural. The last recovery from surgery a few months ago (at a different hospital) didn’t go so well. He was very disoriented and was yanking on i.v.’s that didn’t need to be yanked on….like the one in his jugular vein in his neck!!! OUCH!! So too make this long story just a little bit longer….Dad is doing ok so far! And thanks for asking!