I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

And so it began…

the first days of school for the year.

Their first day shouldn’t even be classified as a day really. They got out at 12:45pm. But they were both really excited and getting them to school went off without a hitch. The first day I took them and picked them up, but I made them ride the bus on Friday. They had to get used to doing it so I thought the sooner the better really. Friday morning when they got on the bus, the bus driver looked at me like I was nuts. She had no idea they were going to be riding. I had to give her their names, ages, and grades. I don’t know why I thought she would know they were going to be riding her bus. It didn’t dawn on me until I got back to my house that I hadn’t filled out any bus papers on that first day. But when they got off the bus on Friday afternoon, the bus driver had handed them papers to fill out. I think it will go alright as long as they will listen to the bus driver and behave themselves. Opal didn’t really like riding the bus, but he’s going to have to get used to it. I think once he gets to know some of the people on the bus he’ll like it better.

It was a little strange for me to be at the house without any noise. We went to the grocery store after dropping them at the bus stop. There was no one in the store. It was wonderful!! We were able to get in and out in record time. The only hassle was that it was so early the employees were still clogging up the aisles putting up freight. But without two kids trailing behind you grabbing at everything they see, it was a whole lot easier to maneuver. And I have to say, I need help finding something and there was someone actually there to help me…..and he knew where to find what I was looking for. It was amazing to say the least!

I do have a rant I just have to get off my chest. We here in south central Kentucky, as well as most of the state and middle Tennessee, are in an extremely severe drought. I’ve tried to conserve water. No long hot showers for me. And I’ve been washing clothes in the largest loads I can. Lord knows, I RARELY wash my car and I haven’t since the winter probably. I don’t water my outside plants or my LAWN. Here in lies my rant…. I watched the local news the other night and low and behold, Bowling Green/Warren County has been put under water restrictions. Wonderful, we should all conserve. BUT, in the stupidest things I’ve ever heard list, BGMU says addresses ending with an odd number can use excess water on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s. Addresses ending with an even number are allowed to use extra water on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s. No one is allowed to use excess water on Monday’s. Bowling Green Municipal Utilities says to stop car and driveway washing, filling swimming pools, filling fountains and watering lawns, but people are still going to water their lawns and outside flowers on the days when they are ALLOWED to use EXCESS water. And they will over water on those days to compensate for the days they are not allowed to water. It is completely defeating the purpose of conserving the water! If you are imposing restrictions, WHY WOULD YOU TELL PEOPLE THAT IT’S OK TO HAVE EXCESSIVE WATER USE ON SPECIFIC DAYS!!!!!!! Just stop it…period. It’s just grass people, it’s a weed! Trust me on this…it will grow back!!! And as for flowering plants or just plants outside in general, take the loss. I think I would rather have water to sustain my life than a pretty “Crepe Myrtle”, as the man in the interview pointed to. View the article here: Conserve water or it could cost you – WBKO