I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

August 2nd

OK, I just have to get this off my chest…did Star Jones actually think that NO ONE knew she had gastric bypass surgery?? It was obvious wasn’t it?? At least, I thought so. Nobody just loses that much weight that quickly. This just sort of adds to my weak opinion of “celebrity”. Instead of dieting the proper way, it seems (but I’m not privy to her personal life) that she used her $$$ and celebrity status to just get surgery. A lot of women today are influenced by what the women in public view are doing. I am not immune to this myself, but one example that really bothers me is more and more women are “opting” to have a c-section as opposed to having a child the natural way. I could be wrong again, but I thought a c-section wasn’t an option, but an emergency out of a critical situation. I was thinking about it this morning while watching Nicole Ritchie on GMA. I hope she doesn’t “opt out” of regular childbirth.

And another thing…. why in the world did Diane Sawyer refer to Ritchie’s measly 4 days in jail as “prison time”? Is she for real??? Four days in jail is in no way a comparison to any time in a prison. Oops…somebody must have forgotten to proofread the questions before the interview…

On to better things….

Tonight was the open house at the kids school. It’s nice to go to these every year. Meet and greet, so to speak, with the teachers. Plus, it gets a lot of that monotonous paperwork over with right up front. Both of the kids teachers seem really nice and I’ve heard good things about them both. Neil’s teacher has started a blog for the class, which I think is awesome! Kids in today’s age should really get experience with computers and internet at an early age because you really can’t do anything anymore without them. Both Neil and Kaia are excited about starting next week. There are students in each class that they know and have had previous classes with so they should adjust to the new classrooms fairly well.

I’m really only concerned about the bus riding this year. It’s just too far for me to have to drive them back and forth to school this year. Their first attempt at riding the bus didn’t fair so well. I guess that’s why I am nervous about it, but they aren’t going to be riding the same bus. The first bus was over crowded with students and they were the very last kids on the bus. This year we’ve moved so the bus they will be riding won’t be as crowded and they aren’t going to be the last on the bus. I have to meet the bus about 3 miles down the road, but that is better than the 20 miles one way I was driving last year….*whew*. So far everything is starting off on the right foot. Hopefully it will stay that way!!