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It’s been awhile…

Ok, ok, I know…. It’s been over a month since I posted anything. It’s been crazy busy for a while now.

My mom and I started an online business. It’s been taking up alot of my time because I am responsible for setting up and maintaining the website. So it took me a couple of weeks to tweak it the way I wanted to. Then we had to get all of our merchandise in…waiting for other people really sucks sometimes. But it’s part of life, right? Visit our site…..

Visit our site at www.burntownhomeandgarden.com! Just click here!

In addition to all that stress, my grandmother passed away on July 6. So needless to say, that put a hold on all company operations for about a week or so. I was actually ready for a break, just not for that reason. Her passing was a long time coming and actually a relief. She had been suffering for a year or so and it was depressing to see her that way. She was a very proud woman and tough too. She always said she was a “tough old bird” and at the funeral my aunt said that the “tough old bird” had finally flown the coop. Smile It was nice to see my uncles and aunts although it wasn’t for a good reason. I wish we could all get together more often. My aunt lives in Tenn. and my uncles (and their wives and families) all live in Florida. One aunt I hadn’t seen since I was like….6 years old.
Speaking of 6 years old….my daughter just turned 6! I can’t believe she’s turned six years old.


Palm Tree We had a “luau” party for her this weekend. Palm Tree Hula Dancer I made my first “real” cake for her birthday. I bought a palm tree cake pan, a coconut cake mix, and I made my own butter cream icing. I made two different batches of icing because for some reason, the icing kept looking “marbled” like it was seperating or something. I think it was the humidity. It still tasted good, but I really worked hard to make everything just so and the humidity messed up my icing. Anyone got any ideas on what happened to my icing or any tried and true high humidity recipes for buttercream icing?? Please share the wealth!!
At least it didn’t rain. I watched the weather every night and every night the percentage of probable rain was getting smaller and smaller. It finally rained Fri. night so it was all gone by Sat afternoon. I was WORN OUT by Sat. night though. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. The result was that Ruby was happy. She loved all her decorations and told me that night that her birthday party was great and that it didn’t “stink”. Oh why thank you. At least I know I didn’t stink!