I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. – Lily Tomlin

“Heroes” is a kick ass show!!! I’ve only seen a couple of episodes before now. I thought it was a good show, it kept my interest, but I could never remember when it came on.

So yesterday on the SciFi channel they had a marathon of “Heroes”. So I caught myself up on all that I had missed. Which was apparently EVERYTHING!! I watched so much of it that all the episodes have run into each other in my head. Does Hiro kill Sylar? Is it Sylar that explodes or is it Peter? Does Sylar kill Nathan or does he have him hidden somewhere? I think I’m going to explode before the season finale tommorrow night…..which I know is only going to leave me asking more questions!

And what about “Grey’s Anatomy”??? Did Burke really leave Christina??? At the alter??? WTF? I think that was her best acting in the whole series. When she is standing in their apartment and she tells Meredith about all the things that are gone, like his trumpet and the picture of his grandmom that was next to the bed, and his lucky surgery scrub hat thingy………. then she starts screaming to get all that stuff off of her. She really made you feel like you were heartbroken too. I guess we all knew that he would be leaving the show after all that press over some comment he made about T. R. Knight, but I was thinking it would be a car accident or another shooting, but never just walking away.

OMG…George didn’t pass his intern exam. Is he gonna leave too? I hope not because all that drama with Cali and Izzy is getting interesting. And I think that “Ava” will return as a regular cast member next season. But what is really up with Meredith and McDreamy?

Oh I hate season finales……really I do! They never answer anything…..never!